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Rewa and Bhagat stand in front of each other, and remember all their confrontations like that. Both were silent now, Bhagat hands Rewa her bag and asks if she remembers… Rewa heads to leave. He holds her bag’s stripe, Bhagat says he knows she is upset. He wants to change what happened, but he can’t. he didn’t sleep all night, and kept on thinking about her only. He wants to say something to her, she says she doesn’t want to listen to anything and leaves.
Kanika comes to Jai’s office with Rewa and Deepam. The girls make fun of Jai as it was full of scars, Deepam says her grandmother looked like him on her death bed. Jai asks if they have gone crazy. Kanika laughs if he has joined some circus. Deepam shows him her front camera, Jai was worried about the allergy. Rewa says he has seen

something wrong, is he allergic to something. Deepam scares him that some allergies cause death even. Jai is even worried and runs to medical centre. Kanika reads the letter about the venue for Nationals. She tells the girls that this letter says the swimmers are going to compete for once. Deepam says one more race now. Kanika says they must tell coach that they are afraid to compete against Kanika. Rewa says she is ready to compete against Kanika.
Bhagat was boxing, when Umang and Neel come there. They tell Bhagat that they have a great plan for his and Rewa’s patch up.
Rewa comes down the stairs, she finds Bhagat, Neel and Umang dressed up similarly. Umang asks Rewa to listen to them for once. Rewa says there is nothing left to be said. Bhagat holds her arm back, she stops. He confronts her, and says he knows she wants to go away from here and doesn’t want to listen to anything. She is thinking that they are over, she can no more trust him but he wants to say her one thing. Weathers will come and go, problems will come and go but does she know one thing that will never go out of style. They open their zips, the three wore shirts with the message ‘we will never go out of style.’ They pose together, throws their uppers aside. Bhagat comes to Rewa, kneels down, holds her hand and says We will never go out of style, he asks her to forgive him confessing he is an idiot. Rewa withdraws her hand from his, she says if he thinks he will make her up so easily. She asks if he knows what she had boasted about him in front of her mom because she trusted him, but he accepted what Jai said. She says he has broken her trust, and she isn’t going to forgive him. She leaves. Umang and Neel come to Bhagat, Neel says it happens with everyone but it will be fine.
Rewa walks away in the garden, Kanika was jogging and asks if she is done for the day? Kanika says she is doing extra work out here, and Rewa is going home so soon. She says it seems as if she is really confident about tomorrow’s race. Rewa says those who are confident don’t repeat it again and again. Kanika asks for a deal, the one who will win can make the loser do anything. Rewa says she is playing for India, not for this stupid deal. Kanika asks Rewa where her confidence has gone. Kanika says both are playing for India, and in tomorrow’s race there is no prize. Rewa agrees for the deal.
At home, Rewa was washing in the kitchen thinking about Bhagat’s apology. Her mom comes there, she stops Rewa and says she will do it. Rewa says that she knows that she talked to her rudely, holds her ears and says sorry. Her mom says she had told Rewa to concentrate on her career, everyone has read in the paper what Rewa has done. Then she told her that she didn’t say anything to Bhagat, still she talked so rudely to her. Rewa says she knows she made a mistake, her mom says this can ruin her whole career. Mom says that she has gone through this all, her exams were near but she was only concerned about her Papa. The time will never return to her, like it never did in her mother’s life. Her mom tells Rewa that her whole future is dependent on what she does today. Rewa cries that she is focused, she doesn’t know what problem everyone has with her. Her mom leaves angrily. Rewa cries.
Bhagat was doing gardening, mom comes out in the garden and asks what is this all. Bhagat stands up at once, he says that he thought about some new plants. Mom says it isn’t needed. Bhagat says Rewa told him she and Rewa’s father loved plants. Mom asks Bhagat what he means to say. Bhagat keeps the plants in hands down, Bhagat says that she and her husband made this garden and this house with love, he want to make things with love and doesn’t want to ruin anything. He says that Rewa thinks she can hide about their relation from her, but nothing can be hidden from a mother. She knows about them. Mom says that she feels he must leave. Bhagat says that they did really wrong by hiding it. He says he can’t do about their mistake but he can do one thing, promise. He promises her that he will never distract her from her career. He will never come between her and her career. He says that when two people love each other they want to build something very beautiful together. He will only forward his relationship with Rewa when she accepts this relation. He says he has no family, it is there but he didn’t get the love of the family that he got living with her in the past few days. If she wants that he leaves Rewa’s life he will but she must not be angry at Rewa.
Rewa was in the washroom, thinking about her mom’s words. She washes her face while crying. She says that she wants to tell her mom that she isn’t getting distracted from her goal. She gets Bhagat’s message to come to garden asap. Mom was doing gardening and asks Rewa to bring water. Bhagat was helping mom. Rewa wonders how they both are so chilled out and happy, she was angry with them both. Bhagat asks her to come out, Rewa hugs her mom from behind. Mom says to Rewa that Bhagat speaks sweetly, no one can be angry at him. She says to them both that they will not get distracted from their career. She hugs Rewa and says she won’t forgive them another time. She hugs them both, motherly.
At night, Bhagat comes to Rewa and asks what she was thinking. Rewa says he would consider her crazy. Bhagat says she never thought about them. She says she feels like they were together in the past as well. Bhagat says the same, that they were together, hands in hands, in their last life.

PRECAP: Rewa says she is ready to compete against Kanika, Kanika must be ready to get defeated from her. Rewa practices while Kanika takes PED.

Update Credit to: Sona

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