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Jugnu cheers Bhagat for race who finally wins the race. They all cheer. Rewa hugs Umang. Bhagat comes out of the pool, Neel hugs him. He comes to face Rewa who hugs him tight. It was time for judges to select the best for this year and eliminate the rest. They were all gathered for the announcement. Firstly, boys results were being announced. The highest scorers will be selected while the ones who would get the lowest marks will be eliminated. Neel gets good marks. Umang cheers, Bhagat asks Neel to be happy who wasn’t seemingly happy. Bhagat gets 46 points to be selected which was the highest score, he cheers. Neel hugs Bhagat.
Deepam scores 38, Raheshwari points 42, Umang Tandan gets 43 points. They cheer for her. Neel comes half way to hug her, then realizes and goes back. It was time for

Rewa’s points. Neel teases Bhagat calling her Bhabi. Rewa prays for herself, she got 44 points. She herself if shock struck. Umang cheers that Rewa is above supers. She is shocked to see Bhagat jumping for Rewa, who realizes after a while about it. Bhagat thinks that finally he can propose her. Pixie and Kanika gets the least 35.5 n 35 points respectively. Pixie leaves, Deepam follows her. Kanika runs to Jai who goes the other way. Rewa and Umang hug each other then goes for Pixie. Deepam tells Pixie not to cry, it is a part of life. Rewa comes to hug Pixie, but Pixie leaves. Rewa stops Deepam and tells her to leave her alone for a while, she will be fine. Rajeshwari says congratulations to Rewa. Umang asks Rewa to have a selfie, they calls everyone to have one together. Jugnu asks Umang why she scored less than Rewa. Umang says she is happy to have scored less than Jugnu, as she is a fantastic swimmer. They all come for a selfie. Rewa hopes Pixie is fine.
In the academy, Umang calls Rewa outside the washroom. She calls her to come out soon. Neel comes there, he cheers and says he wanted to congratulate her. Umang hushes him up. Rewa comes out then and says she has disturbed them both. Neel murmurs something having a red flower in his hand, he hugs Rewa and gives one red rose each to Rewa and Umang. Rewa says this is so sweet. Umang thinks that Rewa’s detective mind is working super-fast. Bhagat gets a chocolate cake of 2,889 calories cake. They all avoid. Bhagat says this is his favorite, they must have it as they have cleared Zonals. This isn’t a big thing. Everyone avoids but their mouths water. Bhagat takes a spoon and eats by himself, they all ask for a bite but Bhagat runs away with it.
In the changing room, Bhagat and Rewa fighst for the plate. Neel and Umang celebrate together, they have an eyelock while Bhagat snatches the plate from between them. They all chase him together, celebrating.
Finally, they all sat tired. Neel, Rewa and Bhagat are all gastric. They all ask Umang to try it as well. Neel and Rewa cheer Umang to try it, Umang was reluctant and disgusted, but finally agrees. She makes a small noise from her mouth, but they all laugh at it. Bhagat says that they finally qualifies for Nationals, they are so relieved. Umang says that Pixie had been practicing for such a long time, what went wrong that she performed so badly. Rewa says she felt that Kanika’s qualification was more intriguing than Pixie’s disqualification. This is so strange, she was out of form with no determination. She says there is something wrong.
Kanika thinks about Jai’s warning. Kanika thinks that when she had lost he wasn’t with her, and when she has won he is with her. This is just not done Jai Tandan, he must be with her. She turns to see the Teflon gel jar fell on the floor. Rajeshwari stood in front of her, Rajeshwari asks if there is something wrong with her, why is she posing as if she has caught her stealing. Kanika thiks what if Rajeshwari spots this Teflon gel. Kanika drops her towel and picks the gel jar with it. Rajeshwari wonders what happened to her.
Bhagat sat outdoor missing his sister. He says he wish she was here with him, he has done everything for her till date. Rewa calls that someone is here to congratulate him.

PRECAP: Rewa tells Bhagat not to feel that his sister isn’t with him. Bhagat asks how she knows about it. Rewa says may be she has started to understand him. They hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

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