Swim Team 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jugnu tells Bhagat that he is cancelling his one week needs and all…Rewa cries and sees Bhagat..Bhagat tels its okay..Kanika tells Deepum that Rewa acted very well..Deepum tells poor Rewa..Deepum asks where was Kanika..Kanika tells she gone to take fresh air..Deepum asks what is this bite on Kanika’s neck…Kanika tells that it is jungle may be any Insect bite,,,Next day Umang tells that Jai should have take a stand..Umang tells that atleast Bhagat is really good and took a stand for Rewa..Rewa tells to Forget all what happened..Umang tells in her birthday celebrations Jai wont be there..Bhagat tells Rewa Jai forced Rewa instead she wanted to forgive Jai..Bhagat tells that Jai would have taken a stand for Rewa..Rewa tells that Jai hurted her but its not thing about Umang..Rewa tells that

its Umang birthday and and every-year Jai does the preparations that’s why she wanted Jai to involve in the Birthday…
Kanika tells that Jai is looking hot cooking…Jai asks If Kanika is gone mad..Kanika tells that Jai is different at night and different at morning..Jai tells Kanika should concentrate on trainer..Jai tells whatever happened it was a mistake..Deepum comes..Kanika tells that Jai was teaching How to make Omlet..Deepum tells to make one more omlet for her..Jai comes and sits near Rewa,,Jai tells he wanted to talk to Rewa..Rewa asks for Forcing getting physical or not taking stand..Kanika comes and tells Jai she will slaso help Rewa…Kanika tells Jai to go..Jai tells to go and practise volleyball..Kanika tells that Rewa and she are in same team..Jai tells to go..Kanika tells TK that she has pain in wrist and Jai is telling to play volleyball..TK tells Jai not to force Kanika to play volleyball and come with him..Jai goes..Kanika laughs.. Bhagat and Rewa make preaparations for Umang birthday..Rewa paints bhagat..Song goes on background “jeena laaga ho”…Bhagat and Rewa ties “Happy birthday” sticker on Tree..Bhagat sees Rewa and thinks all the moment spent with Rewa….Umang sees Skates..Bhagat tells his timings to Umang..Umang tells that she didnt met the person..Bhagat tells that she is dead..At 16 years of Age she made the record..Bhagat tells that If She would be bigger than whole world would have seen her..Bhagat tells that he have seen world through her sister’s eyes..Bhagat tells to valuee the siblings..and dont take for granted…Bhagat cries…Umang tells she is orry for the loss..Umang hugs Bhagat..Rewa sees..

Precap::Rewa and Bhagat spents time together

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. why is jai behaving like this

  2. Pratiksha Manave

    Seriously….wat d hel man….jai shldnt hav done dat 2 Rewa

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