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Umang drove angrily and tells Rewa that he forgot their two months anniversary. Rewa asks why she is overreacting and puts chocolate in Umang’s mouth. Umang asks why Rewa isn’t taking her seriously. Rewa says she would take something serious if it is serious. Umang says this is a guy’s job to remember their anniversary. Rewa asks what is that, why is she so irritated? The guy who has accepted her as girlfriend in front of everyone in an interview, and achieved a milestone because of that interview, she must be happy for him. She asks UG if she needs a boyfriend or a calendar. Umang says Rewa won’t understand this, she is Bhagat who remembers everything. Rewa says not everyone is alike, everyone is different. She says she is with Bhagat for some other reason. Umang asks what reason. Rewa says

she trusts him, he remains honest to her and doesn’t hide anything. Umang says off course, the person who has the best boyfriend in the world, why would she be tensed. Rewa says he isn’t the best, but most honest boyfriend. She hugs a good bye to UG.
At home, Rewa asks her mom why she is serving for two people only. Rewa asks why is she serving for two, where is Bhagat. Mom says Bhagat has left home. Rewa asks how he can leave just like that. Mom says he didn’t say anything. Rewa checks in the room for luggage. There was nothing in the room. She tries his number that was switched off. She calls Neel and asks if Bhagat is with him. Neel says he didn’t speak to Bhagat. Rewa hangs up. Neel says to Bhagat he didn’t do right, he must have told Rewa that he is leaving, Rewa was so worried. Bhagat says she wouldn’t have let him come here, or would take her. He says he wants to give her space to focus, time to digest everything. Rewa was upset, she says there is some reason for sure. She goes to ask her mom. Her mom says Bhagat has left, she must eat dinner. Rewa asks how Bhagat can leave home without telling her, she thinks mom has said something to him that he has left. Her mom scolds if she thinks her mom would behave with him in a way that he will leave home. Rewa asks how he left like that. Mom says she proved to be responsible, as he had stayed enough. She tells Rewa to focus on her swimming now, she doesn’t want such a news again. Rewa sat beside window, when she gets Bhagat’s text not to worry about him, he is fine and she must focus on her swimming.
Bhagat lay on bed lost. Neel asks him to sleep. Bhagat says Neel is also awake. Neel watches the shirt that UG had given him. UG wore the shirt with their photo. There is a knock at the door, Bhagat goes to open the door. He is shocked to see Rewa standing outside. She comes inside and says she knew that they both were lying to her, she says if he knows she was so worried, she didn’t know where he is, what he is up to. She shouts at them both why he came here. Bhagat says he is worry. Rewa asks how dare he, she jerks him. Neel asks what they are doing. Rewa tells him to go away, Neel leaves the room. Rewa asks how could he do this, and cries. Bhagat comes to hold her, but she tells him to stay away. Rewa says after doing this all, he can’t do this. She says they had decided not to hide anything, then how he took this decision. Bhagat says he did this for her, for them both. He says talking about honesty, why she didn’t tell him that he is distracting her. Rewa asks what he means by distraction, where this all comes from in his mind. Bhagat says Jai heard this all from her. Rewa says does he know she disliked it. Bhagat says his day wasn’t a good one either, couldn’t she tell him personally. Bhagat offers her water. Rewa says he hurt her a lot, why he did this. Bhagat says if he had to do anything he wouldn’t hesitate. He says he doesn’t know how he can make it up to. Rewa says he can’t make it up, what happened suddenly when everything was going fine. She leaves irritated.
In the academy, next day, Jai comes to café and orders a black coffee. It was Kanika there. Kanika says coming right up, coach. Jai looks at her. Kanika thinks she must cleverly bring up Rewa’s drug case with Jai. She asks Jai about race schedule, she wants to compete with Rewa and Umang before finals. Jai says he, TK and Jugnu know their job well, he orders to get him coffee. Jugnu comes and tells Jai that association members will announce venue today. He says it is an important announcement, he wants TK to be informed till evening. Kanika gives Jugnu the coffee and says to Jai that she will make a special coffee for her.
Rewa thinks about her and UG’s conversation in the hot tub. Umang hugs Rewa, UG says Rewa was right as she was dumbed. Rewa says love hurts too much. Umang says their relationship is going perfect, then what happened.
Kanika watches a prohibited ingredient on the shelf, and mix it in Jai’s cup. Jai takes the cup, Kanika wishes him a great day and says today is going to be great for him.
Rewa told Umang that her boyfriend isn’t as honest to him. He took a great decision and didn’t tell her. Umang is angry at Neel and says he is so unromantic, and is up to their perfect relation. Rewa asks what is Neel’s mistake, when her boyfriend doesn’t think her untrustworthy. Umang says Neel is so unromantic and wants to make Bhagat like him.
In the office, Jai feels itchy. The peon comes to him and brings a letter from association saying Jugnu told him to give it to Jai. Jai asks him to leave it there on the desk.
Neel was in the pool, something splashes over his body. He calls who this is, but there was no one. It was Umang, throwing stones at him and says today she will kill him. Umang goes to open an umbrella in front of him. He says he didn’t know he will have to bear so much for forgetting the anniversary. Umang says he can’t save himself with the umbrella, she is coming down. He says he won’t forget the two week anniversary from now on. Umang asks Neel what he did to Bhagat, why he let Bhagat stay at his home. Neel says Bhagat had decided to leave Rewa’s house. Umang beats him with umbrella asking couldn’t he speak to her. Neel holds her to himself. Umang gets calm and asks what he is doing. Neel asks her not to get angry with him, he wanted to get angry at her as well, but he only gets smile looking at her. He asks if she knows how much he missed her, Umang says she too. Both say they are idiots. Neel and Umang say I love you to each other, hug and get happy. Umang says they have to do something for Bhagat and Rewa.
Rewa hits Bhagat in the academy stairs.

PRECAP: Bhagat, Neel and Umang together come to Rewa. Bhagat says that seasons will come and seasons will go, problems will come and go but one thing. Three of them open up their zips of uppers, they were wearing shirts with message ‘we will never go out of style’. Bhagat holds Rewa’s hands and asks her to forgive him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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