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Rewa tells Bhagat to eat the cake now. He takes a bite and then takes the whole piece. Rewa laughs that he gets mad at chocolate cake. Bhagat says when she is around, he gets crazy for everything; that’s how happy he is with her. Rewa’s mother calls her. Bhagat says thanks to her, Rewa says thanks to him for making her life too good.
At night, Bhagat and Ritika argues on the piece of pizza. Rewa comes and grabs it. She says they are behaving as if they are having pizza for the first time in life.
Bhagat lay in bed thinking about Ritika’s words, then remembers when he had proposed Rewa. He wonders what he must do to grab full attention of Rewa.
In the morning, Umang comes to dressing room in academy. Deepam says hi to her, Umang doesn’t reply. Deepam thinks she is still angry.

Umang asks Deepam what they doing in Neel’s room alone, and what was Neel were trying to tell her. Deepam asks Umang she can ask Neel as well. Umang says she will ask Neel, but she is asking her as well. Deepam says she is sorry, this is a secret. Umang asks what kind of secret it is. Deepam says Neel is her boyfriend and maybe he doesn’t want to tell her himself, and she can’t tell Umang what Neel doesn’t want to. She says she is surprised why Neel didn’t tell her, she had no idea why he didn’t tell her such an important thing. Umang leaves saying she will. Deepam is happy that this all has made her work really easy, on one side she gets time to spend with Neel and here Umang is also dispatching with him.
Bhagat says he has waited too much. He calls Umang and asks her to come and meet him once.
There is a horror setup, a man wearing a mask comes in the room and holds another horrible mask, then a red coloured bone and a heart. He says I love you Rewa. Yes Rewa Mathur! I love you. Will you be my girlfriend. She has next seven days to answer him. Neel comes in the room and laughs if he will propose her this way. Umang comes inside and asks if this is his idea, if he really wants to scare Rewa away. She tells Neel to shut up, she doesn’t want to listen to her. Umang asks Bhagat if he couldn’t get her a red rose or flowers. Bhagat says Rewa likes horror movies, so that is why he did this. Umang wears the mask and heads towards Bhagat who gets afraid by himself. Umang and Neel laugh as Bhagat gets irritated. Neel asks Umang what she is doing, her boyfriend is standing here. Umang turns around, stares at him and tells him not to come near to her. Bhagat shuts them both up, he says right now his proposal is important. They must fight each other out of this room as he is getting Rewa. Umang beats Neel with the paper heart.
Kanika holds the paper weight to throw at Jai. She asks Jai what he was doing with that Rewa. Jai tells her to keep that down, why she gets aggressive everytime. Kanika says she will throw it, what he will do. Jai tells her to throw it on his head, but he won’t listen to any sorry. He says there is no reasoning, if she wants to be his girlfriend she must keep good behavior with his sister. He tells her go out for practicing. Kanika leaves timidly. Jai laughs that he can let any girl do any desired thing.
Rewa gets breakfast for herself. Bhagat comes and hurries her to come with him saying it is really very important and can’t be delayed. Rewa insists upon eating, while Bhagat holds her to go with him.
Umang runs behind Neel beating him asking why he keeps on lying to her again and again. Neel pleads at him while Umang runs aggressively behind him. Neel takes his mask off, Umang says she doesn’t want to see his face. Neel says this is all because of Papa. He made Deepam his fake girlfriend and introduced her to Papa ji. He says he made Deepam his fake fiancé. Umang beats Neel harder. He says he made Deepam his fake girlfriend, Papa ji made her his fiancé. Umang beats him further saying why he made her his fake.girlfriend even.
Bhagat drags Rewa on the stairs. Her foot gets twisted, Bhagat asks if she is alright then holds her in his arms. Rewa says this isn’t needed.
Umang says he has only seen Umang’s love not her beating. Neel stood up on the stool. He says he didn’t want to lie to her but he had no time. Umang still beat Neel, but this time he picks her up on his shoulder laying her on a bench nearby.
Bhagat holds Rewa, they both look into each other’s eyes. Bhagat thinks he can’t delay proposing her anymore, maybe he won’t be able to do it later.

PRECAP: Rewa stood on staircase stand and turns to fell on Bhagat. He says he wants to ask her a question for a lone time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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