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Umang feels Pity on TK…Jugnu sees Umang and tells he have to do something,,Later Jugnu search in Umang’s bag and finds a pendrive..Deepum and Pixy gets drunk and plays..Pixy and Deepum frightens jugnu…Jugnu ask they dont have any other work..Deepum tells him to make a tatto like deepika made of Ranbir kapoor..Umang tells Rewa that her pen drive is missing,Rewa asks what was there in Pen-drive,Another side Jugnu checks the Pen-drive and finds out all romantic movies in it,,”Kuch kuch hota hain”
“Kabhi khushi kabhi gham”,,Umang says Rewa that pendrive contain all romantic movies,Rews tells its foolish…Jugnu tells that his time has wasted and Umang fooled him,Rewa asks If Umang wanted romance in her life,Umang nodes the head and tells yes…Both of them goes near pool side..Rewa holds flower in her mouth..Umang dance..Rewa and Umang dance happily..Bhagat makes video..Jai comes and stands,Bhagat asks Jai again he is dating Kanika,Jai tells its not true as he just has chemistry and challenges Bhagat to watch.
As Umang and Rewa dance,Jai interrupts tells that Rewa looks hot while dancing,Bhagat sees..Rewa and Jai dances,Umang tells Jai to feel ashamed,Jai tells TK is not around,,Three of them jumps into pool and dance..Deepum and Pixy comes,Jai tells that both of them are crazy..Pixy tells Jai to make a tattoo of Rewa’s name,Rewa tells no..Umang says its Rewa”s success party Kanika feels jealous and goes..Pixy and Deepum writes something on Jai’s shoulder,Kanika drinks..Jai comes and asks water Kanika refuses Jai tells its not his mistake

Precap::Rewa and Bhagat dances

Update Credit to: Ansari

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