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Jai text Kanika,,Kanika tells she know that one day Jai will call her…Jai gives a drink to Kanika..Kanika tells that Jai bad taste its not her problem..Kanika tells that Jai ultimately took right decison..Jugnu sees and asks who is there…Rewa sees Jugnu coming..
Kanika tells Jai she dont want commitment and relationship..Kanika tells no one will known the this night..Jai asks If Kanika can keep the secret??kanika tells yes..Bhagat asks why Rewa is wearing saree…Rewa tells she was with Jai..Rewa tells she should go..Bhagat tells to wait..Rewa tells If Jugnu came back??Bhagat tells lets see..
Bhagat tells he known why Jugnu goes in jungle daily!!!!!Rewa asks why??Bhagat tells to practise singing..Bhagat tells Jugnu is mad..Rewa laughs…Rewa tells she should go..BHagat tells

to wait as Jugnu may be here only.Rewa tells okay..Anotherside Kanika and Jai gets close and kiss each other..Bhagat and Rewa looks at each other..Bhagat helps Rewa in taking out her saree..Rewa goes from Bhagat Tent..Jaugnu comes and tells to stop it..Rewa stops..Jugnu tells he knows there was someone here..Jugnu asks in this night what Rewa was doing here???Jugnu tells it means Rewa was meeting her boyfriend Bhagat..Jugnu tells he known what type of girl Rewa is..Rewa tells Jugnu dont know about her so he cannot tell..Jugnu tells that they came here for Training..Rewa tells without thinking and knowing about her Jugnu cannot tells anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jai and Kanika gets up..Kanika tells that she heard someone’s noise..Kanika sleeps beside Jai..Jai gets up..Kanika and Jai comes out of Tent..TK asks what happening here???Jugnu tells nothing…Jugnu tells that Rewa was enjoying with Bhagat…TK asks what’s rubbish,,Jugnu tells to ask Rewa then,,,Umang comes and stands near Rewa…Rewa tells TK that its nothing like that..TK tells that Jugnu cannot scold like this with with his team member,, Jugnu tells TK to ask what Rewa was doing in Bhagat tent..Jai angrily sees Rewa..
Bhagat tells that Rewa was not in their tent..Bhagat asks did Jugnu saw coming out or in the tent???Jugnu tells no..Bhagat tells that he called Rewa out of tent and he forced..Bhagat tells he lied Rewa saying he was not well..Jugnu asks why??Bhagat tells that he wanted to meet Rewa

Precap:Rewa and Bhagat spend time with each other

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Pratiksha Manave

    Omg…did kanika n jai realy do dat wat is mentioned?

  2. yrr rgt totally shocked what this jai is doing?

    1. Pratiksha Manave

      Oh no

  3. yaar hate that bhagat he comes between rewa and jai

    1. Pratiksha Manave

      Dat nly na

  4. Gosh… It was so hard to understand… U can write in hindi…if u could not write in english..

  5. Aargh!!!! Jugnu is so irritating

    1. Pratiksha Manave

      Xtremly iritatng

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