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Ug goes and knocks on Jai’s room who gets shocked to see her and says that does she need something and also says that he wanted her forgiveness and he was willing to do anything . He gets happy and says that he will do anything then why Ug is telling her what he has to do he gets a call and seeing this Ug walks away.
Kartika is running on the stairs when Ug comes in front and then everyone also join her and make her come to the pool.
Bhaghat is walking with her and she is getting really scared but he is with her and is making her remember of the first time that she rode a bicycle and who made her ride it then he asks her to close her eyes and he pushes her in the water at first she is drowning and everyone gets scared but Bhaghat asks them to remain still and she finally starts swimming

and all of them rejoice.
Ug and Jai are in the locker room when Ug says that she forgave him and also gives him his car and says that since they are together again then there is no point in taking in his car and also that he will never fight with her and also not tease Rewa anymore.
Bhaghat and Kartika are sitting when he says that this time it is his treat but then Rewa comes and hugs her. They all are sitting together and having a lot of fun when Bhaghat says that this moment calls for ice cream and asks for the flavors but Kartika makes him sit and says that she is happy because she understood that all this mess is because of herself and that she was wrong to blame the guy because he had no point in doing anything wrong. She also says that life is unpredictable and there is sometimes things that go away very quickly. She says that she wishes that Rewa wins the international championship and make their father’s dream come true. They both hug each other.
Kartika says that she is gong back to make her dream come true when Rewa comes and says to her mother that her daughter is very happy. Their mother says that she only wants their daughters to be happy.
Ug is walking when Neil comes and says that is she still ngry t him but Ug says that she is not when he says that he will explain everything. She says that the next time he meets that girl he must wish her from her and tell her that she is looking for her.
Rewa Kartika and their mother are waiting when Rewa and her other try to explain to Kartika that she must not do such a thing because Bhaghat is a nice boy. Bhagha comes and Kartika offers him a cake to which he declines and Rewa also agrees with him but Kartika keeps on forcing him to eat.

Precap: Bhghat asks Rewa as to why did she not tell him that there was something wrong too which Rewa says that her sister was forcing her to not tell him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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