Swim Team 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Kanika dances with Jai,Bhagat asks Rewa that she wont feel jealous..Rew replies that in love small sacrifice’s does’nt matter,Bhagat asks Rewa for a dance..She say no,Bhagat tells Rewa to sit on knees and ask for dance.,Bhagat says that he had alot for her even talked in Bengali..Rewa sits on knees and forwards her hand call Bhagat “DEBOSHISH BANERJEE” and ask for a dance,Bhagat smiles..Music plays in Background..Both of them look at each other..Bhagat agrees.Bhagat and Rewa dances..TK sees Both of them dancing..JC asks TK what happened..TK tells that Rewa and Bhagat look really good.JC talk with TK.
JC tells TK that its her last day and he had a great team..JC says that she has a crush on him..TK tells that he know that as his team member’s teased before,JC tells that it is quit embracing.. TK tells JC that he is already dating someone.JC says that the girl must be a lucky one,Later Jugnu goes at Sana’s house..Sana is shocked to see Jugnu.Jugnu tells that his health is not good..JC says Good-bye..TK wishes her..Sana gives medicine to Jugnu,,Jugnu invites Sana in the party..JC hugs TK..Sana sees TK and gets furious and asks TK why he lied to her..TK explains its a long story and he have to come..Sana goes..Umang sees and smiles

Precap:Rewa scolds Bhagat as he lied about his feelings already in love with a girl who is relationship with some other boy

Update Credit to: Ansari

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