Swim Team 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa tells Umang that they cannot be come close now,,As what going is good..Rewa tells herself Why everything is soo complicated…Rewa tells herself to Relax as its just a medical Test,,,Rewa goes and sits..Dr comes and tells that she is late..Doctor checks Rewa..Doctor asks If Rewa has any breathing problem..Rewa tells no..Doctor tells he thinks everthing is clear But after Blood test only he will be cleared..Doctor tells that Youngster’s today are taking Drugs and drinking…Rewa asks what there would be in Blood test..Doctor tells that everything will be crystal clear..If anyone has taken medicines,,Any infection,,Rewa is worried..Doctor takes out Injection..Rewa is worried..
Rewa tells that She is scared of needle..Doctor tells what nonsense,,Doctor tells Rewa to see and Count

How many switches..Rewa sees..Doctor injects Rewa…TK tells all girls that Race is very important for them..TK tells that in Race fourth position is very important..Jugnu tells Umang will not be in the Fourth position..As she lost his trust..Umang tells she is the world’s number one swimmer..Jugnu tells he dont care..Umang gets upset.. TK tells that Race will be next week and whose timings will be better will give the positions..Jugnu tells that Umang will be at first position..TK tells Rewa to be outside the pool till her Reports came..Rewa tells she have to practise..TK tells Rules are Rules…Rewa comes outside Jai is waiting..Rewa tells Jai that she is soo stupid..Rewa tells If she looses the compedition it will be not good..Jai tells to focus..Jai tells to Chill…Jai asks If TK announced the positions..Jai tells Rewa to focus on winning the Race..Umang comes and Finds a envelope saying to “India’s no 1 swimmer”…Umang gets a call,,Sports Universe Magazine manager wanted to take Interview of Umang,,Umang is shocked..She tells tha Umang’s manager she is intrested in only Magazine cover..Umang gets Shocked and tells her Manager??..She tells that in the next edition Cover Page Umang will be there..Umang gets happy and jumps..Umang tells that Interview will be tommorrow at one,,,Umang agrees…Umang finds a note of Bhagat..Umang tells Bhagat did all this for her..Umang gets happy and kiss Magazine..Umang tells Bhagat that she dont know his name and He did alot for her,,Umang tells ..Bhagat tells that whole world is back of Umang Tandon wanted to take Interview may be many magzines but he is a random guy…Umang tells she want a advise from Bhagat..That how to Impress Jugnu..Umang tells that sill TK’s team are here If they come come it will be a problem..Bhagat tells to chill..Umang thanks Bhagat..

Precap::Umang gives Interview and tells good about Coach Jugnu..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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