Swim Team 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhagat and Rewa were in store room where Rewa was finding something. She sneezed in dust. Bhagat was concerned about her, he finally brings out Chritmas Party 2010 box. Rewa says this is it. Bhagat asks if she is fine as she has continuously been coughing and sneezing. She says she is fine, but Bhagat tells her to sit and he will look for it by himself. Rewa again stands to move, her dress get stuck in the chair. She asks him to leave her, Bhagat turns to look at her and wonders why everytime she thinks he is holding her dress. She turns to find her dress stuck in the chair. He comes down, he says he wasn’t doing anything but if she wants him to, he can. Rewa asks if he found all the cartoons, but sneezes again. Bhagat says she is really not fine. Rewa says she is allergic to dust. Bhagat says she

could have told him, he could do it himself. He makes her sit again and goes to check the boxes. They were doing the party preparations in store, Bhagat asks if she will be able to do this as she is sneezing constantly. He has texted UG and she will be here soon. He sends Rewa to go and rest. Rewa says she will take rest before party. Bhagat says resting time starts now and sends her.
Bhagat gets ready for party and wonders how Rewa didn’t call him yet. Rewa was dreaming about dancing with Bhagat, she wakes up at his call and tells him that she took medicine that her mother gave, she will be there at the party. Bhagat asks why he feels she is lying, she denies. She hangs up and wonders how she will really go to party as she knows she gets flu because of dust. She checks on fever that comes to be higher than normal.
Umang asks Neel for another balloon, he blows it behind her, she asks what if she had fallen. He says this is what he wanted, to hold her if she fells. She spoilt all his romance. Umang curtly tells him to watch less romantic films. He asks why she likes romantic films as he watched her hard drive. Umang gets Rewa’s call who asks her to come to her home as she is unwell. Neel asks Umang why Rewa called her and not Bhagat. Umang says she is her best friend. Neel says alright, she must get ill herself while taking care of Rewa. Then he will take care of her and tell her how romance increases with taking care. Umang gets an idea with it, and tells Neel that sometimes his idiotic plans give brilliant ideas.
Umang stands at the door where Bhagat was getting ready. She whistles at him and tells him if one gets a chance to take care of his love while looking so dashing, he must not lose it. She tells Bhagat that Rewa’s mom is in Kolkatta. She isn’t feeling well also and he must not chance to take his romance to a next level. Bhagat says Rewa told him her mother is here. Umang says she didn’t want him to worry about her.

PRECAP: Bhagat tells Rewa this cake is yum, she asks for candles and knife. He gets it. Rewa lights the matchstick and burns her finger. Bhagat caresses her hand at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. BHAGAT comes down, he says he wasn’t doing anything but if she wants him to…… omg :$ :$ :$

    Nice epi. Luv u Bhagat Rewa. :-*

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