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Rewa denies thinking about Bhagat. He says this hiccup was just an excuse, he wanted to tell her that she must not get worried or nervous. She asks how he knows she was thinking about swimming. Bhagat says that whenever she feels hungry he knows she is hungry, somehow he always knows about her. Rewa smiles, he asks her to sleep.he says if she doesn’t feel like sleeping, she must keep trying. She can think about anything else but swimming. She asks for example, what else can she think about. He says she might think about what would happen if the moon would come at day. She smiles. He asks her to try atleast. Rewa closes her eyes and she could only think about Bhagat. He talks again asking what she thought of. She says nothing, he says she is lying. He asks what romantic thoughts are there in her mind

that she can’t share. She gets annoyed saying he must let her sleep. She asks him to keep the phone, he says he won’t keep the phone until she doesn’t sleep. She promises that she will sleep. He asks her to keep the phone on, she smiles, says good night to him and head to sleep. Bhagat stays on the call for a while, then hands up.
The next day in the academy, Neel was working out. An announcement is made that the winner will only be selected today, the rest would be eliminated. Umang comes to talk to Neel, he says he doesn’t want to lose the race again. He leaves.
Jai gets Kanika baking soda and asks why she wanted it. She gulps all of it, Jai says this is performance inhancer. Kanika asks if he thinks she is eating for glow on skin. He says this is cheating. She says he must know about it. Jai says this has a lot of side effects, she might faint while having this or have a vomiting. He says he is administrator here, what if he tells anyone here her career would be devastated. Kanika says what he would tell anyone that he brought her baking soda to cheat. This will be disastrous for him only. Jai leaves. Kanika says she only wants to win, no matter what. She takes the Teflon Gel from her bag and applies it all over her body. She cheers for her name as winner.
In the mens race, Umang jumps calling Neel. Neel didn’t look up. A swimmer asks Neel to look at the girl, Umang points at Neel and takes her jacket off to show him the shirt with his photo. Neel laughs. Jai is curt. TK and Jugnu also watch this. The participant swimmers cheer Neel that she loves him so much. Neel boasts that he will win for sure today. They take the positions. Umang and Tk prayed for Neel. Neel won the race, Jai was curt. TK teases Jugnu. Umang jumped in excitement.
Rewa walked through the corridor, worried about the race. She thinks about her mom’s hug, her yoga, her father’s ambition as she walks through. She thinks she can’t lose this race, she has promised her father. She has promised her mom, her dad, coach TK. She must talk to TK, she needs to get rid of this frustration. TK was in the hall talking to Rajeshwari. He asks Rewa how she is, then notices her as nervous. He tells her not to get nervous, she must just focus on the race. Had he been in her place, he couldn’t have done this. He wishes her the best. Rewa says she wants to talk to him, TK says ok she can come to his cabin. Rajeshwari asks Rewa if she is nervous, she may win today by giving a performance. She shows Rewa that TK’s business card he gave her, because when Rewa will get disqualified, Tk needs a swimmer who is best in his team. Rewa says in her dreams, Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari asks Rewa why would Tk choose a loser after her disqualifications. Rewa is going to lose the game for sure. Rewa calms herself down saying she can’t get hyper at this time.
Umang gets up to leave. Neel holds her hand saying he has to tell her something, he couldn’t have won without her. Whatever she did for him is really amazing. Umang smiles, turns to face him and says she is really happy for him. He says THankyou. She points a finger at him and says if he ever call her selfish, she will kill him. He says this mistake will never be done again. Umang says she isn’t a liarn, there is no need to ask for a proof if she says she likes him. He nods. She says this also doesn’t mean she won’t give him what he was asking for. They get closer to each other, when someone comes from the stairs shocking them both.

PRECAP: Rewa had her eyes shut, she tells Bhagat that Rajeshwari challenged her. He asks what she feels about herself. She focuses and can see herself win the race. She hugs Bhagat thanking him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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