Swim Team 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Everyone comes..TK tells that Rewa didnt did good..TK and Jugnu sees Bhagat…Rewa tells what happened to TK…Jai pulls Rewa..Jai tells that happened??He was worried and Bhagat and Jai was enjoying in jungle…
Jai tells why their walkie talkies was off???Rewa tells that walkie talkies was dead..Rewa tells that she is lying…Rewa gives walkie talkie..Jai checks and tells its really dead..Jai tells he is sitting whole night and thought about Bhagat and Rewa…Jai tells that they will meet near admin…Jai tells that they will meet as today night is soo special..Jai tells Rewa to open the box..Rewa opens the box and sees a black saree…Umang comes and hugs and Rewa..Rewa gets scared..Umang sees Saree and tells lovely Saree..Umang tells that today is special night,,Umang

tells whats the problem then both like each other..Rewa tells that tommorrow is Umang birthday…Umang tells that they will practise for volleyball..Rewa is worried and thinks…
Rewa tells TK that they read the wrong map and lost the way..Rewa tells that she fall the walkie talkie and it was not working..Bhagat sees Rewa..Rewa,,Umang and Chriestie and Deepum plays football..Rewa thinks about Jai..Rewa tells she is thinking much…Umang asks what happened???Rewa tells everything is fine..Deepum and Chriestie won the match..Rewa thinks..Rewa comes out of tent while everyone sleeps..Umang helps Rewa to wear Saree..Rewa wear Saree..Rewa asks she should go??Umang tells all the best…Rewa comes in the tent..And sees candles..Rewa tells everything is looking..Jai asks did she liked it???Jai tells Rewa is looking too hot…Jai tells Rewa should wear Saree all the time..Jai puts wine..Rewa and Jai drinks..Jai plays music..Jai and Rewa dance..Rewa feels uncomfortable..Jai asks If Rewa is angry,,Rewa tells noo..Jai tells that he was waiting for this moment from so Many days..Jai tries to kiss Rewa..Rewa tells lizard…Rewa tells Jai to see there…Jai tells there is nothing..Jai tells to come…Jai again tries to Kiss Rewa…Rewa tells she heard Coach TK coming..Jai checks and tells no one is here…Jai asks Rewa did she didnt like him or what????Rewa tells its nothing like that..Jai tells then to come and not to irritate..Jai tells they are Boyfriend and girlfriend and was waiting for this moment..Rewa tells that she is not Ready for it…Jai sees angrily….

Precap::Bhagat helps Rewa..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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