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Rewa tells Bhagat to go..Bhagat tells Rewa one time to decide and stick to it..Bhagat asks why Rewa was crying??Bhagat tells he is not a kid..Bhagat tells Rewa not to insult the friendship..Rewa tells that Bhagat is not understanding her problem..Bhagat tells the situation is tough and Jai would be tensed..Bhagat tells that ai really care Jai..Bhagat tells he just wanted to show positive side of Jai..Bhagat feels sad sit and tells he will arrange Rewa should meet Jai..Rewa tells no need of that..Bhagat tells that Rewa”s lamp is good now..He says he is having something Rewa would get happy..Bhagat gives choclate to Rewa…Rewa smiles..Rewa hugs Bhagat..Rewa’s mother ask if Light is good..Bhagat tells yes..Mother tells Bhagat what is his name??Bhagat tells his name “SALMAN KHAN”

but destiny is different…Rewa’s mother smiles..Umang comes and tells she want to meet Rewa..Bhagat hides..Umang sees Bhagat and tells what he is doing here??
Bhagat tells yes he is SALMAN KHAN…he repaired Umang A/C…Bhagat gestures Umang..Umang tells yes Bhagat repaired her A/C..Bhagat tells he will go..Mother tells to wait have tea and go..Bhagat tells no..Mother tells wait.Bhagat agrees…Mother tells Umang to go from here and she will not allow Rewa to meet As Umang has said so many lies and spoiled Rewa..Mother tells that Rewa dont need such friend..Other goes..Umang asks Bhagat what he is doing here??Bhagat tells that he dont have time to say..Umang tells that they both have helped Rewa..Bhagat tells he forgot..Bhagat tells himself that he have to ignore Umang as he cannot encourage her feelings..TK comes Rewa home..TK tells Rewa mother that she loves swimming and she cannot leave without it..
MOther tells that she was giving BED exams when Rewa’s father proposed her,,Without thinking she agreed and Rewa’s father was a swimmer and has no job..Mother tells that she ran with Rewa’s father,,Rewa listens and gets shocked..Mother tells that she skipped the exam and it was the biggest mistake of her life..She tells that Rewa will do MBA and will not repeat the same mistake..TK tells he want to talk to Rewa..Mother is quiet..TK goes…Rewa sees her Father picture and tells that she understand How he may feeling…The way Swimming ditch him..Rewa tells she will not ditch swimming…Rewa cries..Rewa tells she thought that Mother was soo obiedient..Bhagat Video calls Rewa,,,Bhagat tells that he is calling from laptop as a plumber and a electrician dont have a phone..Rewa smiles and tells that she burn her Marksheet and that is in her genes..Rewa tells she need Bhagat help as she have a plan..Rewa tells Bhagat to help her…

Precap::Bhaagat-Rewa and Sanyukta-Randir dance

Update Credit to: Ansari

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