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Bhagat says he challenged Ritika to face her fear, he asks what Ritika’s biggest fear is. . He gets it that Ritika is afraid to face that boy. He says that they must get her rid of her fears.
Deepam asks Neel why she made him wear this shirt. Deepam says they are going on a date, he must look like a boyfriend.
Umang was ready for date. She says that no one would have gone to a Khichdi date, but she made it for him with her own hands. She says it is really good for him. Deepam apologizes Neel saying she forgot it is their fake date. Neel reminds her that she is his fake girlfriend, but she is a good friend as she helped him and saved him from a problem. Deepam thanks and hugs Neel, she thinks she is soon going to be the real girlfriend of him. Neel’s father gets online with them, and

asks what Neel has ordered for food. Deepam says she ordered by herself.
Umang looks at the mirror, and happily says that I am coming to you Neel.
Neel’s father suggests to Neel and Deepam that he must let Deepam’s mother talk to Neel straightforward. He keeps his glass of drink in fear of his wife and goes to listen to her. Neel says his mom saved him in real time. Neel and Deepam sit to have dinner together. Neel says he is fine with drink only as Deepam eats. She spills her spoon on her dress and panics that her dress has been ruined. He tells her to clear it. Umang opens the door just then. Both are shocked to see her. Umang is enraged and asks what is happening here. Neel says this is a fake date. Umang asks him to explain it to her, his room decorated, romantic lighting and his hands on his shirt. Neel says this all is for his papa ji’s… Umang shows him the Khichdi that she made for him, regrets saying he is having fun with her here. Deepam says there is nothing like this. Umang tells her that this is between her and her boyfriend. Neel questions Umang why she is hurting Deepam. Umang asks if he is questioning her for that Deepam, she leaves without listening to anything. Deepam thinks God heard her so soon. Neel was frustrated.
Umang comes upstairs, having coffee and calls Neel jerk due to which she couldn’t sleep the whole night. Jai was riding cycle on the roof and welcomes UG. UG wonders if he is talking to her. He asks who else he would speak to. He offers her a ride on cycle. Umang takes a seat wondering what has happened to him, how he is speaking to her. Jai says to Umang that he wants to apologize, he knows that he did wrong to her friend. Umang says she can’t forgive him. Jai asks why she can’t forgive him when Rewa has done that. Umang says he must have thought this all before all the mistakes he did. She says I am sorry, its too late now. Jai keeps stopping her.
Bhagat tells Rewa to go to Ritika, Rewa was reluctant but he says she will listen to her. Rewa goes to wake Ritika up. She asks Ritika to get up. Ritika asks why she is waking her up so early. Rewa says she must go to her academy with her, there is a ‘bring a sibling to the academy’ day. Ritika says she is really afraid of water. Rewa says there she must just wear swimming costume and soak her legs in water to get photographed for academy magazine. She asks Ritika to come with her, else her family will think that they don’t support her. Ritika agrees and goes to get ready. Bhagat comes to the door, Rewa smiles looking at him thinking he cares so much for her.
Jai brings cycle to Umang’s door, he says he will take her to academy today on this bike. Umang says she will go by herself. He offers her to take his new car and gives her the keys. Umang says doesn’t he like his car so much and doesn’t give it to anyone. Jai says he is giving it to her, but on a condition that she must forgive him. Umang takes the keys but says she won’t forgive him.
In the academy, Bhagat stops Umang who was in a bad mood saying she doesn’t want to hear anything. Bhagat says that she is upset of him because he couldn’t propose Rewa and due to this she and Neel couldn’t announce their relation. Umang tells him not to take Neel’s name. Bhagat tells Umang that he has planned a game for Ritika and called him here. He says that the help he is asking her might be a little difficult, but he has to help Ritika right now and that will make Rewa happy. That means it clears his way to propose her.
Rewa brings Ritika beside swimming pool, saying her sister and dad are professional swimmer and she is afraid of water. Ritika was upset. Bhagat comes there, Ritika tells him Rewa brought her besides pool forcefully, she can’t help more than this. Rewa makes her drink water and says she just has to dip her leg. Ritika heads to leave, Bhagat stops her saying if she trusts him? Ritika nods. Bhagat asks if she can’t get a photo with her sister only. Rewa brings her to pool, and asks her to dip her foot into water only. Ritika was at the verge of trying, but then runs away denying it.

PRECAP: Bhagat drags Rewa on the stairs, her foot gets twisted. He says sorry and picks her in his arms, thinking he can’t delay proposing her anymore.

Update Credit to: Sona

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