Swim Team 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Swim Team 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa and Bhagat fight over novel..Rewa tells to let read her..Rewa reads while Bhagat reads…Umang tells Jai that its night and dont know where is Bhagat and Rewa..Umang tells she is going to see..JAi tells TK they should go and look for them..TK tells they will wait for sometime..TK tells lets go..Kanika tells she is feeling hungry..Deepum tells what the hell..Deepum tell that they should concern about Rewa and bhagat..Kanika tells that wantedly they lost..Kanika tells Rewa should cook the food…
Jugnu tells he was singing a song..Kanika tells that they were talking about Jugnu only..Kanika tells that Jugnu whatever does is very good..Kanika tells that Jugnu cook very good..Kanika tells TK cooks very good..Jugnu tells he will cook the food very delicious food..Jugnu tells why not…Jugnu tells Namrata to bring knife and spoon….Bhagat asks If Rewa is sleepy???Rewa tells no As if Any animal came..Rewa tells they will sleep in shift..Bhagat tells Rewa to sleep..Rewa tell no..Bhagat tells that Rewa was not well in between..Rewa tells that once she said..Bhagat sleeps..TK and Jai search For Rewa..TK tells that they are searching since 2hours..TK tells Jai that they have all equipments maps,,Walkie talkie and all..TK tells not only Rewa all girls are their responsibility…TK tells If Rewa and Bhagat didnt returned he will take a strict action…Rewa sleeps..Bhagat sees Rewa…Bhagat thinks all the moments spent with Rewa..Bhagat tells that Rewa’s head was in his shoulder whole night..Rewa asks whats big deal in that he would have moved away..Bhagat tells that Rewa was looking cute..Bhagat and Rewa looks at each other..Umang gets worried for Rewa..TK tells that they searched alot but Bhagat and Rewa didnt find..If in one more hour Rewa and Bhagat didnt came they will take help from police..Rewa and Bhagat gets tired searching..Bhagat sees some one footprints..Rewa tells they should follow this…Jai tells He wish that he didnt took Rewa here..All this would have not happened….Jai goes and stands..Bhagat comes and tells Rewa to come fast..Jai sees Bhagat and Rewa coming..Kanika tells JAi that Rewa is wearing Bhagat t-shirt..

Precap::Jai tries to kiss Rewa but Rewa moves her away…….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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