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Bhagat tells he care for Rewa and he always..Mother asks If Shower work is over..Mother acomes and tells Bhagat to start the shower…Bhagat starts the shower..Bhagat tells that he will go…MOther tells that where is her daughter Rewa???She removes the curtain and sees Rewa..
Mother asks how two of them are wet??Rewa tells them she went in the tub to find out the tap of Shower and this plumber open the shower thats why.Mother tells Rewa to come..MOther tells Rewa to come and change the dress..She tells Bhagat that will give towel..Rewa gestures Bhagat,,Bhagat tells he is going..Pixy tells Deepum why TK called them..Deepum tells that TK sound very serious on phone..Pixy is scared..Deepum tels to chill..Pixy tells that TK is very dangerous than a school principal..Deepum tells yes..Deepum

and Pixy laughs…TK comes..TK tells he heard everything..Deepum tells she just said like that.TK tells its okay it is Pixy and Deepum Lucky day that he is in good mood..Pixy tells it was just a joke..Deepum asks why TK called??TK tells what is quencher”s??Pixy tells why TK is asking???TK asks how is that place???Pixy tells the place is good only couples comes there..Pixy asks is TK is going there..TK tells all are going there..TK tells that there will be some change…TK tells to chill out and hangout there..Pixy and Seepum are shocked..TK tells its his punjabi birthday so he have to hangout..Pixy tells its great..TK tells actually he is going there to save Johncena from Coach Jugnu…Jai sits kanika comes and sits beside him,,Kanika gets close to Jai…Jai tells this is cafe not bedroom..kanika tells If this will be bedroom then??Jai tells stop it…Kanika tells she will do when Jai agrees to do dinner…Jai tells that Kanika is very naughty..Rewa calls Jai..Jai asks why Rewa is calling from Bhagat phone???Rewa tells she will say later…Rewa tells that mother took her laptop,,tab and all..Jai tells then how Rewa have Bhagat phone??Rewa tells that Bhagat came his home and gave,,,Jai tells he is not intrested in Rewa’s story!!Rewa tells she is in very much problem..Rewa tells she cannot talk anyone..Jai tells he can understand what is cooking between Rewa and Bhagat..And everytime Bhagat is wth rewa in the camp,,Jungle..Rewa shouts at Jai and tell HOw dare he tell??Rewa tells whenever she called Jai he didnt answered,,He is ignoring..Rewa tells that Jai is not behaving like a boyfriend..Jai tells he is sick o Rewa and Bhagat..He dont want to listen any crap of Jai..Kanika listens and gets happy..Rewa cries..Jai tells what he did..Jai tells he is sorry..Rewa cuts the call..Kanika comes and tells Jai should not have said sorry..Rewa cries….Jai goes angrily..
Bhagat tells he want only fivty rupees..Mother tells that it is very less..Mother asks did Rewa has change..Rewa tells no…….Bhagat tells he will fix any other thing..Mother tells that everything is good…Bhagat tells that when he gone in the room he saw light has repaired..Mother tells he will check… Rewa tells Bhagat Moustache came out..Bhagat fix it..Mother ask what happend??Bhagat tells nothing..

Precap::Bhagat gives choclate to Rewa,,,Rewa hugs Bhagat

Update Credit to: Ansari

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