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Jai says he lied in the text just to call her here and forwards a flower towards her asking for friendship. Rewa looks around for a while, Jai keeps the flower back and says he knows she won’t forgive him so easily. He wants her friendship back so he will patch up with UG. Rewa says he shouldn’t patch up for her but because he is the elder brother and they share a sweet brother sister relation. Jai says he will prove to her that he isn’t a spoilt brat. Rewa asks if she may leave. Jai takes the seat and says for him it is really easy to impress girls especially like her, he will be a good innocent boy to her.
At night, Rewa shouts at Bhagat that this is not done. She says he can’t spoil girls for every matter. Bhagat says even all boys aren’t as insensitive. Rewa says he would say this,

he himself if a boy. Bhagat asks that girls even don’t understand what they really want. Rewa says we, girls always know what we want and what is right. Ritika passes by them. Bhagat and Rewa are disappointed. They shouts blaming each other again, saying girls are always confused. Ritika comes there, she tells them to shut up else leave this place. Rewa is upset and wonders what she must do so that Ritika shares her heart with her. Bhagat goes behind her saying why she always call girls insensitive and jerks. Ritika comes out and says to Bhagat and says that she heard him and Rewa fighting, she wants to confess to him that she agrees not all boys are insensitive and jerks. She says that she has to admit that he is right, she was denying herself but she realized that it is really easy to blame others but taking responsibility of one’s own actions is really difficult. She cries. Ritika tells him that she likes that guy in the college, he was her ideal but she took a lot of time to admit her feelings. He found another girl, she didn’t know what to do and is really heart broken. Bhagat sits beside her and says this love is strange, if one gets too early it is a problem, and being too late is also a problem. Ritika cries that Rewa is an idiot, she thinks that she is an expert of heartbreaks; she doesn’t know anything. She cries that I have seen and know how it feels. Bhagat consoles Ritika, Ritika hugs him while crying. Rewa stood behind the door, and tells Bhagat not to speak anything. Rewa thinks how Bhagat does this, how she would thank him. Ritika stands up and says she really feels weak. Bhagat says in such situation one must face his biggest fear. Ritika says saying is easy, doing it is very difficult. She goes to sleep. Rewa comes to Bhagat and says thankyou. Bhagat says she is her sister, why didn’t she come out in front of her. Rewa says she didn’t want to break their moment, her sister was sharing her heart with him. She tried her best that Ritika shared her feeling with her but she didn’t. Bhagat says to Rewa that this is their plan, not his or her alone. Rewa nods and hugs. He thinks that he had determined to get her out of this problem. He remarks at Rewa that this is a good way to say thank you. Rewa says he is really sweet in all this. Bhagat smiles that Aaliya said the same many years ago. Rewa asks who Aaliya is and when she said so. Bhagat asks if she is getting jealous. She asks why she would get jealous. Bhagat tells Rewa she is really hungry.
Umang gets upset hearing that Neel still has pain in stomach. Deepam comes there and makes him wear a jacket. She does the button tight, Neel shouts. Umang asks who was that, she heard a girl. Neel says there is no TV in his room. Neel corrects himself saying it is radio. Umang agrees, then asks again if he would really not be able to go for the movie. She suggests about coming there. Neel says abruptly no, he is going to sleep as he took pain killers and hangs up. Umang says he cut her call so urgently, how he must be. Neel says to Deepam that he lied to Umang for the first time, Deepam assures him that she wouldn’t know about their date and shows him the table. He reminds her that this is a fake date. Neel says this fake restaurant also gets real, he must tell Umang soon about her. Deepam thinks that she wants UG to doubt so much that she breaks up with him. This way her chance would be set with him.
Rewa walks around the kitchen tensed. Bhagat says that he must put some more butter to smooth her mind. Rewa says she is thinking how he must take Ritika out of this tension. Bhagat spots a lizard on the cupboard. He gets close to Rewa and tells her to do what he says. She begins to speak. He asks her to look in his eyes. She begins to speak again, he asks her to do what he is saying and asks her to hold his hand. He gets even closer. Rewa asks what he is doing. He closes his eyes and says he is going to say something in her ears, she must promise that she won’t panic. Rewa shuts her eyes, Bhagat whispers that Rewa there is a lizard behind her on the wall that is coming to her. Rewa turns around looking at the lizard, she shouts and hugs Bhagat saying he is really afraid of lizard. He laughs and tells her that it is gone now. She looks behind, then victoriously smiling Bhagat.

PRECAP: There is a frightening room where a masked man enters in black shirt. He says I love you Rewa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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