Swim Team 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanika reads a notice on board tells that they are meeting about Everyone comes near the pool,,Jugnu and TK comes,,,Jugnu tells that problem is that they have one swimming pool and two teams,,Jugnu tells that scehdule incharge is Umang she will decide who will use the pool,,,But TK has some problem,,So he find out the problem of solution..JUgnu tells that there will be race between the two teams,,who will win will train…Rewa tells that she cannot trace kanika tells ……TK tells that Umang tells she is ready for Race..Umang tells she will see who is in water,,,Deepum tells that overconfidence will lead to failure..One girl tells that TK team is losers.,,Priyanka tells to shut up…TK tells stop it as they are professional swimmer’s,,Umang tells that Swim team can train after 10’0

pm …TK sees Rewa…Priyanka tells Umang that she is no more her friend..
TK tells Jugnu that he will complain swimming association,,Jugnu tells that he will also tells Swimming association that why TK ditch Umang…Tk tells that it was his decision about throwing out Umang,,Jugnu tells Tk That there is one more chance to do the compedition..TK tells its his wish..
Jugnu tells TK to think about the race compedition..Priyanka tells that she will give a treat..Rewa tells she cannot come at night..At its problem at her home..Priyanka tells that its her new car and she will take all of them on a ride..Rewa tells no as she have to go home and convince her mother..Priyanka tells okey,,Priyanka,,Deepum and Kanika goes…Rewa goes….On the way one comes on bike and stops Rewa…The Man tells Rewa to show her address..Rewa sees the address…The Man tries to get close to Rewa…Rewa spits on the Man…The Man slaps Rewa…Rewa falls..Umang comes and beats the person,,,Man gets scared and runs….,Rewa gets up…Rewa tells Umang that they will teach a lesson to the man,,,Rewa and Umang breaks the headlights of the Man’s bike…Rewa and Umang goes..TK sees Rewa and Umang,,TK tells that their friendship will destroy Rewa’s carrer..Umang asks Rewa if she okey..Rewa tells thanks..Rewa tells that Umang without thinking beaten the person,,Rewa tells that when the person Beaten her she was really scared If anything happeend..Umang tells that Rewa is brave..Rewa tells that Umang Practise is in evening what she is doing at night,,,Umang is quiet…Rewa tells that she have to get ready as her team member’s will come…Umang tells they will meet later…Umang goes…Rewa tells why cant everything will be normal like before….Umang goes near pool and sees Bhagat swimming…

Precap::Bhagat tells Umang to go and sought it out,,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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