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Rewa was setting the video. She asks Jugnu to get aside, she has to shoot for swim diaries. He says why work so hard, she is not going to get rating equal to his team. Rewa requests him to go somewhere else, but jugnu sits right there on sofa. He tells Rewa that she must hear this about the men who could be swimming champions but didn’t become one. He takes the name, Mr. Satiapal Rao, Mr. Dinesh Patniak, Mr Anubhav Sidhart, Mr. Dev Patel and Mr. Mahen Mathur. Rewa is shocked at the last name. Jugnu says yes, her father. Jugnu says that he always thought of her as good swimmer, but she could never be number one. Success always drops coming in her hands, when a father is a loser a daughter can’t be a winner. Both daughter and father are losers. Rewa asks how dare he talks about her father like this.

Jugnu says the whole India is going to say this in a while, he hands her a rough draft of the story that is going to get published in sports journal in a while. He tells her he had suggested the name of her father for the story. He laughs and asks is he solid or not and leaves. Rewa watches the name there and gets upset.
Rewa was crying reading the story, on the stairs. Jai and Kanika pass by her, she wipes her tears at one. Jai notices her there, stares at her and asks what is it the tragedy queen, couldn’t she handle swim diaries as well? He comments it isn’t for people like her. Kanika asks Jai not to disturb Rewa, there must be another problem in her life. She loves trouble and then crying at her. Jai asks is it the same. Kanika says Umang and Neel’s video got hit, she must be feeling jealous though she poses to be UG’s best friend. Kanika goes to Jai and says she will complain TK crying that they were bullying her. Jai says to Rewa if she can’t handle a little competition, how will she handle comparative swimming? They head to leave. Rewa stops them, she says he is right, she will have to face her competitor in this competitive world. She says to Kanika that her boyfriend, infact her own ex-boy friend has never given her anything special. But today he has given her a wonderful idea. Infact they both have given her a brilliant idea, thank you for that. Kanika asks oh really, what is that. Rewa leaves telling them to check today’s swim diaries update.
Kanika says to Jai that they must tell TK that she is shooting with opposite team members. Jai says he will complaint but not with TK but with Jugnu, but not now and near zonals.
Bhagat was shooting with his punch bag, Rewa comes and takes the camera with her. He keeps on calling her and wonders where she is going. Rewa comes to Jungu’s office and starts the camera. Jugnu asks if she has any manners, Rewa introduces herself. She goes to Jugnu and says she has a question for him. If they can’t handle a competition, should they do competitive swimming alone. She is sure may people must have asked him about this. He had used a prop in the swimming he wouldn’t have won the match, but a little mistake spoilt his career. Inspite of the fact that he won world record. Jugnu asks what rubbish is this. Rewa says the world is watching this. She challenges him that she can show to the world he can still be on top. Jugnu asks what rubbish. Rewa says this must not be difficult for him to accept a challenge from a student, specially the daughter of a loser. She asks him why is it taking so long for him to accept the challenge, would he race with her or not. Jugnu accepts, and says what will happen to her when she will lose. Rewa says they will know about it, infact the whole world will. Jugnu says if she loses and he wins, she will have to leave TK’s team and join his. Rewa was silent. Jugnu now pumps her. Rewa deals, if she wins and Jugnu loses he must ask his friend to remove the name of her father from that article and write an article on such brilliant swimmers who never got any recognition. She is sure, the first name in that will be her fathers. Jugnu deals. Rewa switches the camera off and leaves. Jugnu thinks Rewa is finished.
Bhagat watches the video and is worried that Rewa challenged Jugnu. If she loses, she will have to leave Tk’s team. He thinks this is risky, but he don’t think anyone accept Rewa can do this. She is too good.
Vaishnavi watches the video and tells Pixie that Rewa is dead. She will lose for sure. Umang was also tensed watching the video, she says what has Rewa done. Neel says she is fighting for her father’s respect, she must be feeling proud. Umang asks when he started to appreciate bravery. Umang says that for him only likes matter. She knows Jugnu that if he wins he will humiliate Rewa in any possible way and will cause problem for her if he loses.
Kanika was worried and says to Jai that Rewa is getting all her attention. Jai says she must be happy, Rewa is finished.
TK is frustrated watching the video, he calls Rewa to come to his office. Rewa asks him to let her explain. Bhagat comes from behind, she asks if he has come to scold her too. Bhagat says he only wants to ask what Jugnu has said about her dad. Rewa shows him the article. Bhagat reads it and says what the hell. Rewa says he said a lot about her father, how could she let him go. Bhagat says whatever she did is right, he is worried about her. It is really awesome she is doing so much for her dad, he is there with her by her side. She must teach him a lesson, he is sure she will do it.

PRECAP: Bhagat wonders how can UG forget Tk’s birthday. Rewa says UG has forgotten TK’s birthday, he knows what this means. Bhagat also stands and both repeat together ‘UG has finally moved on from TK’. They hug each other, then realizing share an eye lock.

Update Credit to: Sona

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