Swim Team 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhagat tells her mother its over and he cannot meet Rewa..MOther tells that Bhagat father one time annoyed and stopped talking..Mother tells that she climbed the pipe of building and reached the window and said that she love..Bhagat gets shocked and tells that mother is little fat to climb the building.Mother tells that at that time she was thin…Bhagat thinks about Rewa..Rewa eat chocolate and thinks about Bhagat…Some-one knocks the window..Rewa opens..Rewa is shocked to see Bhagat in mechanic dress,,,Rewa gets shocked to see Bhagat..Rewa tells what he is doing her..Bhagat runs in washroom and takes out Shower…Bhagat goes and ring..Mother opens the door.Mother tells what Plumber is doing here??Rewa tells tat Shower is not working..Mother asks how he know??Bhagat tells that it is maintaince day so he is checking every house..Mother tells to apply reasonable rates…Mother takes Bhagat in Rewa’s room…MOther gets call She goes…Rewa tells what Bhagat is doing here???As mother took her tab,,phone and laptop..Bhagat tells he came to check if Rewa is alright or not???Bhagat tells that Mother is sending her kolkatta forever..Bhagat tells how Rewa can go??Bhagat tells that that Rewa cannot do that….Rewa tells she have no choice..Bhagat tells he will do something…Rewa tells its next to impossible…Bhagat hugs Rewa..Rewa sees Bhagat..Bhagat gives Rewa phone and tell to keep it Secret and put on silent..Rewa hides the phone..BHagat and Rewa goes in washroom..Rewa tells that Bhagat cannot fix the showroom..Bhagat tells to keep quiet…Ritika tells mother that Kolkatta weather is not good..And there is much pollution Rewa has ashtama she will affect..Ritika tells that Rent is soo high,,,Mother tells no as she cannot trust Rewa anymore…Bhagat tries to fix shower…Water comes out….Bhagat and Rewa gets wet…Rewa falls Bhagat holds Rewa…Song goes on Background “TERE BINA”..Bhagat and Rewa thinks all the moment spent with each other….Bhagat sees Rewa..Rewa tells that she will miss Bhagat.,,Rewa tells she have to go as she dont have any option..Bhagat tells that he will help Rewa..

Precap::Bhagat and Rewa stands..Bhagat moustache comes out.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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