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Bhagat was in his room tapping the ball at the wall. Rewa stops him. Bhagat asks her to return his ball, he isnt in a mood to joke. Rewa asks why he has spoilt his mood because of him. Bhagat says a few people have to struggle in life, they don’t get all the luxuries plated. Rewa says he knows how Jai is, Bhagat must learn to ignore him. Bhagat says what he said wasn’t wrong, he says that he wants Rewa to give all the happiness in the world, he will work very hard for her. Rewa kiss the back of his hand and says she has complete faith on him. They smile and take cold coffee. Rewa asks how is it. Bhagat makes a bad face, Rewa is concerned but then he laughs and Rewa takes a sip. Both hug, Rewa leaves saying good night to him. In her room, Rewa gets TK’s message, she wonders why he postponed the

practice when Nationals are so near. She happily sleeps saying she will take her beauty sleep this way.
Neel comes to Umang and asks if she is ready. Umang says yes she is, how Mr. Chaudhary’s daughter in law looks. Neel says splendid, he gets a call and confirm their presence in five minutes. Neel goes to meet Vikrant, he asks them to do the interview.
Jai finds the bouquet. He reads the note from Kanika that it was a breakup bouquet. She had written that Jai saw Kanika’s love, now he must see her hatred as well. Jai says she is such a psycho, when will she go away from his life. The members from association had arrived, they said they wanted to do PED test of Rewa. Jai takes them to TK’s room. TK asks him to call Rewa, she must have reached the academy.
At home, Bhagat sat with Rewa. She wakes up and asks him to go away, she has to take her beauty sleep. Bhagat says he is going to academy.
TK says to Jai that she must be here, does she know if she doesn’t reach in time today she will be disqualified from Olympics.
Neel says in interview that he feels himself lucky that he has been able to swim with International swimmer like Umang Tandon, he announces to be dating. Vikrant asks them to tell about their love story. An assistant calls the interviewer, she tells him that they can get a huge news. Umang wonders why she seems so excited, they need to find out. She goes to hear that it was about Rewa. Rewa has got defaulter twice, if she doesn’t reach for test today she will be disqualified. Umang is worried and asks why Rewa isn’t in academy. She calls Rewa who was asleep. Neel says to Vikrant to finish the interview, else they will get late for practice. Umang runs away saying she needs to sort this out. She runs to Bhagat panting, who was boxing. She tries to say Rewa… PED… Bhagat says Rewa must be dreaming. Umang says Rewa must be here. Bhagat asks what happened, why is she so tensed. Umang says PED guys are here, performance enhancing drug test people from association are here, it is important for Rewa to be here. Bhagat says Tk will handle. Umang says Rewa has already got two defaulters, if she misses this one also she will be disqualified. Bhagat understands, he hurries to get Rewa.
TK waited for Rewa, the association members say that if Rewa doesn’t reach the academy in half hour, they will have to give her the third and last defaulter, she will be disqualified.
Bhagat runs home. Mom stops him and says she is asleep. She says she will wake her up by herself, he must not go inside.
Jai makes tea for the association members, Umang comes to the office. She says she needs to talk to jai for one minute. Jai says to UG that he is a bit busy, Umang sweetly says its about one minute. Tk tells Jai to end the task in a minute.
Rewa is worried hearing this all. Bhagat says there is no time to think, she must go with him.
Umang says to Jai that he has to do something. Jai says it is about administration. Umang wonders this is strange, how this association members came without any prior notice. Jai excuses himself that he has an important task. The association members give TK ten minutes time.
Bhagat drives Rewa. Vikrant comes to the association members as they came downstairs. Bhagat and Rewa reach in time. Rewa apologizes TK, she says she has arrived. The association members take her for the test. Jai watches Rewa’s bag. Rewa says to TK that she got the text from his phone about the postponement of the training. TK says he didn’t do any text. She asks Bhagat to get her phone from her bag. Jai takes Rewa’s bag and thinks he must delete TK’s message from Rewa’s phone. Bhagat comes downstairs and finds the bag there. Jai had hidden behind the desk. Rewa can’t find the text and says she swears he texted her. TK says to Rewa that this is the limit. He leaves.
Kanika was in canteen and asks the service man how to switch it on. Kanika asks him to make it. The service man tells Kanika there is already so much problem because of PED people. Kanika asks why they have come. He tells Kanika that they are here to take Rewa’s test. Rewa, Bhagat, Umang and Neel come to canteen. Bhagat and Umang tell Rewa that there is no more problem, Bhagat specifically says that no one is here to compete Rewa. Kanika thinks that she must also take PED drugs in small quantities, no one will know and no one will be able to beat her then as well.

PRECAP: Maa scolds Rewa in the academy that her attention is off swimming and on Bhagat only. she had not thought she would disappoint to this level. Bhagat listens this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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