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Bhagat serves the breakfast to Rewa and her mother. Rewa calls Ritika saying Bhagat made the breakfast today. When Ritika comes, Bhagat says he is sorry that he took up uncles study room but he is really thankful for them all to let him stay here. Ritika ignores him, takes a sip of water and heads to leave. Rewa says Bhagat is a guest, he cooked for them but she must not behave this way. Ritika asks Rewa to shut up for a while, can’t she let her live peacefully. Mom goes behind Ritika. Rewa is worried and asks till when she will remain like this. Bhagat tells Rewa to calm down, go to academy as Ritika is upset and they will sort this matter out in a while.
Neel was working out, there comes a rose that hits his back. Neel happily says that he dislikes those who attack from the back, thinking

it was Umang. Deepam comes with flowers and says this is a fake girlfriend, and asks when he is taking her to date as it is their parent’s orders. Neel asks what the need to tell them about it is. Does it matter if they tell them the truth or lie? Deepam says she fasts on Mondays and that is today. She says his father wants video calling on their fake date, he must now see if he is uncomfortable she is fine. She says that she will tell his father that they had a breakup. She blackmails Neel saying she heard his father had a minor heartattack two years ago. She says stress isn’t good for him. She says if he doesn’t want to come to fake date, she will tell him about breakup… Neel says no, she must not say anything to his papa, they will go on a date.
Rewa was in pool, thinking about Ritika’s words that no one likes her non-stop talking. Umang comes out asking about Bhagat. Rewa tells her to calm down, he was busy in some work. Umang says he must be in the canteen but he isn’t in the whole academy and Jugnu has been looking for him. Rewa thinks for a while.
Bhagat’s phone rings, Rewa asks where he is, Umang told her that Jugnu had been looking for him. Rewa says he is just leaving. Ritika comes to the hall. Bhagat changes the name and calls her Jigdesh saying he doesn’t understand that in rage of others he is hurting the ones who loves him the most. Rewa gets that Ritika is somewhere there. Bhagat says yes, he is right. Rewa says to Bhagat that he is getting late. Bhagat tells Jigdesh to shut up and listen to him, right now he himself if important. He says he hadn’t expected him to behave like this, he is talented and that girl isn’t; not everyone is as talented and intelligent as him. He says that girl isn’t as good, else she would have given him and his opinion an importance. Why is he allowing that person to change his life? Ritika hears intently. Bhagat says he knows that love is a good feeling, but feeling so much pain for that love isnt worth it. Ritika comes to confront him. Bhagat asks Ritika if she has something to say to him. Ritika says yes. Rewa asks him not to cut the call. Ritika says that guys don’t have a heart that would get broken. She says no, boys don’t have a heart and don’t know how to treat a girl. She says boys are blo*dy insensitive to anyone and leaves. Bhagat says I am sorry, the plan failed. Rewa says atleast he tried. Rewa calls him to café saying Jugnu is waiting for him. Bhagat leaves for academy.
Umang watches Bhagat sitting on the pool side and teases if Rewa kicked him out of the pool. Bhagat says Neel has been behaving so weird to him, his aunty called and asked why he didn’t come to stay. Neel had said he couldn’t stay there, why Neel lied to him. Umang is upset that she must think for something, and wonders how to avoid Bhagat. She makes up that her ears have got water stuck. Bhagat gets her, he says she knew about it, right? Its very obvious why they did it. Bhagat picks a bucket nearby to throw at Umang, she backs up and apologizes saying it was their plan to get him to Rewa’s house. Umang asks Bhagat if he didn’t learn anything from her, she would have proposed Rewa had she been in his place. She poses how she wouldn’t have done this. Bhagat stops her. He says he has to propose in some different way, but he will do it soon. Umang gives him an ultimatum of two days, he promises.
Umang hugs Neel and says she wants his time so that he can take her to romantic comedy movie. Deepam hears this, Umang asks if they must go at 7 o’clock. Neel asks Umang when the movie would end. Umang says it will end at 9 pm, and heads to check the tickets available. Deepam thinks she won’t allow him go on a real date with UG before going with her at 10 pm. She texts Neel that his father has changed the timings to 8 pm. Umang cheers at once that tickets are available, should she book. Neel says yes she must, and cries at once that he has cramps in stomach. He says he can’t go for tonight’s movie. Umang asks if someone has informed him where his pain would go, but then gets soft at him and asks him to have water. They will go only if he gets fine. Neel thinks he is finished now.
Rewa comes to Jai’s office, Jai asks her to take a seat saying she didn’t reply to him as well. Rewa says she is an assistant and will go whenever her work is done. Jai says he called her to apologize for what Kanika said to her. Rewa says she isn’t effected in anyway, what Kanika said or did. Now would he tell her the work that she is supposed to do. Jai asks her to sit down for a few minutes, he is genuinely saying sorry. Rewa takes a seat finally. Jai asks her to accept his apology. Rewa stands up and says had she knows he called her for these useless talks. Jai says he know she wouldn’t come so he texted her falsely. He offers her a flower asking friends?

PRECAP: Bhagat and Rewa were in the kitchen, Bhagat gets intimate with Rewa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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