Swim Team 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Rewa talks to her Mother and says everything is alright,Rewa tells that one surprise is waiting,Bhagat dress up like a person from Kolkata,Bhagat tells his name is “DEBOSHISH BANERJEE”,,Bhagat tells that he is Rewa’s Boss..Mother asks Rewa who is this Person,Rewa says he came to give something..Bhagat overacts…Rewa listens and gets angry..He gives a envelope,Mother opens and sees Rs two lakh rupees,Mother gets happy,Rewa sees its her Bonus,Mother asks Just now Rewa started job,,Bhagat tells that Rewa is very intelligent and hard-working,Mother tells Rewa that she is very happy..Bhagat tells he have to leave..Mother thanks her and tells Rewa that her Boss is very strange..Deepum tells Pixy that Finally Party is organized,Umang hugs Rewa..Sana talks to TK..Umang sees and feels jealous..Umang blackmail’s TK and tells to avoid Party and Refuse Sana, TK calls and refuse Sana..
Sana tells she was excited,TK tells that its very childish party and she will be bored..Sana agrees,Next morning Kanika comes in the party wearing yellow dress,Pixy compliments her,Kanika says it worth Rs fourty five thousand,Deepum and Pixy Pushes Kanika in the Pool.
Kanika falls and gets angry,Pixy and Deepum laughs Bhagat comes and says that they would have done like that,Bhagat pushes both of them and jumps in the Pool.Three of them Enjoy..Umang and Rewa comes..Jai pushes Umang and Rewa,TK and JC comes..Both of them drink..JC says that she is very happy and congratulated Rewa..Umang,Rewa,Jai,Kanika, Deepum and Pixy all of them Drinks and Enjoy in Pool..Later Rewa and Jai dance,Kanika sees and feel jealous..Umang dance with Bhagat..All of them dance..Jai and Rewa dance Kanika interrupts in between and tells that she want to borrow her Boyfriend,Rewa sees Jai,Rewa tells to ask Jai..Kanika pleases Rewa..Jai agrees..Rewa sees Angrily..

Precap::Bhagat tells Rewa that Jai is dancing with Kanika..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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