Swim Team 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sana asks Rewa If she has any breathing problem..Sana tells they have to do x-ray,,Blood test If Rewa has any breathing problem..Rewa tells If result are positive she have to take a noc certificate from her mother Sana tells yes..Jugnu comes..Jugnu asks Sana what is doing here..Jugnu tells medical advisior is hired by his permission…Jugnu tells Sana to get out..Sana tells okey but one should not behave with doctor like this..Sana goes…Rewa tells thankgod today Jugnu saved her,,Rewa goes home..Ritika tells today she have cooked chinese food for Rewa because Rewa has registered team,,Rewa tells what they will tell to Mother,,Ritika tells she said its her fresher’s celebrations..Rewa tells thanks to Ritika and hugs..Ritika tells that she have to go kolkata back for internship…Rewa

tells howcome…Mother comes and tells that food is very tasty..Mother tells that from next time Rewa have to cook..Rewa tells If she have cook then it will become a punishment..Mother asks Rewa is doing Management training soo she will be gettin salary..Mother tells that Rewa have to help by paying electricity bill..Rewa is shocked..Suddenly Door bell rings..Mother goes…Ritika asks Rewa what is the bill of electricity per month??Rewa tells no way..Ritika tells please..Rewa hugs Ritika…Ritika tells that she was stupid that she didnt supported Rewa’s dream,,But she will always be with Rewa,,Ritika tells she loves photography but no one was there to support her and she did MBA,,But she will always be with Rewa…
Mother comes tells that someone came to meet Rewa..Rewa asks who??Rewa goes..Jai gives flowers and tells sorry..Rewa tells no way as that day she called her Jai and said to come but he dropped Umang..Jai tells sorry…Jai tells he will kiss Rewa..Rewa tells no way..Jai tries to kiss Rewa,,,Rewa pushes away…Mother comes and tells Jai to do dinner with them..Jai tells no…Rewa eats chinese and says its yummy….Jai tells its soo tasty that If Umang will be here would have mad..Anotherside Umang calls Jai…But Jai is busy in eating..Jai talks..Ritika,,Rewa and mother are playing cards…Umang cries,,,,Umang tells now its enough…Umang sits near swimming pool and tells that again Jai ditch her…Umang swims…Jai tells Sorry to Rewa he tells that day his plan was to celebrate with her but suddenly Umang came..Rewa tells that it was important day for Umang also because she also registered to olympics..Jai asks what was the problem??Rewa tells that she done a checkup…Rewa tells let it be..Rewa tells its very strange that Umang and she are best friends from childhood but are now apart,,They are doing training different..Jai tells that they can be best friends also..Jai tells he is calling Umang..Rewa tells noo..Jai calls Umang,,Umang swims..Jai tells that Umang will not pickup..JAi tells yestarday Rewa was upset and now Umang..He is trapped between them..Jai asks If Rewa miss Umang or not..Rewa tells not really…Rewa and Jai hug each other..Umang swims suddenly someone comes out of pool..Umang asks who is he??Its Bhagat,,,Umang asks who is the hell is he??Umang tells that only academy members can swim here..Bhagat tells that he known that sh eis Umang tandon..Bhagat tells that he is a hot,,dashing guy..Umang tells that he will complain..bhagat tells that he saved Umang during the photoshoot,,Bhagat tells Umang to go and complain..Bhagat tells he will come tommorrow also..

Precap:Precap::Jugnu tells there will be a race compedition between team Jugnu and Team TK…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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