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Neel takes Umang’s shot. Umang asks why they are taking this shot, a swimmer dancing. He tells Umang to go behind a few steps, then directs her to jump in the pool as soon he tells her. She abides by. The water was chill, Neel cheers happily. Umang comes out shivering. Neel hands her his shirt, she throws it on him. He tells her to wear it else she will have fever, Neel says he must hug her right now. She wonders what she will have to do for Bhagat and Rewa.
Vaishnavi calls Neel while he was running the blender. She comes inside and says Hi to him, he offers her the shake but she says thanks to her. He pours some more eggs in the shake. She asks to practice with him and they can spend time together as well, he can also help her in her stroke. Neel smiles at her, then thinks he must help a girl

only if he is interested in a girl. Vaishnavi asks if he will help her. Neel says he sure will and switches the blender on. He leaves saying he cant help her and leaves.
Rewa was excited by the number of likes on her post. Bhagat comes and asks what happened. He had come with the coffee, and asks her to show it. Rewa resists, Bhagat says if it is nothing why is she hiding? Rewa notices Bhagat’s hand on hers as he snatches the laptop, she withdraws her hand. She still resists saying he will get worried if he will see it. Bhagat sees that Umang and Neel’s video got 24,500 likes. Rewa says they are increasing every minute as well. She is worried that they aren’t getting a solid idea. She wants to do something really big. He asks what to do. She gets an idea and applies a prank on him. Bhagat says there is no new because if they even do a better prank, the original idea was theirs. He says he had told her once that to get something good in life, they have to wait for the right time. That time has arrived, but not for the prank but for something else.
Pixie tells Vaishnavi that she doesn’t want her apple. Vaishnavi gets angry and fights with her that she should have told her before if she couldn’t go to movie. Neel stood there, and they both were showing off. The girls begins a car fight, but Neel passes them by. He comes back to rescue and holds Vaishnavi back. Vaishnavi cries, Neel asks why is she crying. Vaishnavi says she bought two move tickets of romantic comedy but Pixie has denied, what will happen to these tickets. Neel asks if she is tensed what will happen to the tickets. He asks if he gets her rid of the tickets, he holds the tickets from her hands and says he will go to watch movie with her friends. He leaves. This time Vaishnavi really cries.
Bhagat says to Neel that he is happy that because of swim diaries people are focusing on swimming. But there is one thing he did to Umang that was really cheap. Neel gets angry and asks if he thinks himself really educated and while he is not educated and doesn’t know English, he thinks he is a better swimmer. Bhagat says that he didn’t say a word about his background or boasted being a better swimmer. Bhagat says he doesn’t like useless arguments because there is a hell of difference between them. Neel punches Bhagat on face, Bhagat asks him to finish it up else he will also fight. Umang and Rewa come in between and seperates the two. Rewa takes Bhagat along. Umang tells Neel that he is her friend, he must shut up. He has crossed his limits and leaves him disgusted.
Rewa was enraged at Neel. Bhagat sat on the stairs. He tells Rewa to leave it, he is such a joker. He was about to teach Neel a lesson. Rewa asks if he knows how much he could be injured, his nose has still got red. She watches closely then warms his nose up with a handkerchief saying he will feel better with this. Bhagat keeps on looking at her, she calls Bhagat an idiot. They share an eye lock. Rewa gets back realizing and leaves. Bhagat is happy.
Umang comes and removes Neel’s shoes from the table. He says he is sorry, and holds his ears as Umang was leaving. She asks Neel if he loves teasing, he must tease her. Neel says if he wins, will she do whatever he would ask. Umang says if she wins, he won’t be able to do what she would ask. They confirm the challenge. Neel says if he wins this time, she will have to go watch a film with him.

Jugnu tells Rewa that she must hear the list of top five Indians who wanted to be champions but couldn’t. He reads the names; Mr. Satiapal Rao, Mr. Dinesh Patnai, Mr. Mahesh Mathur. Rewa is shocked at that. Jugnu says to Rewa that like father like son, losers. Rewa asks how dare he speak about her father. Jugnu says not only but all India will speak about it, as this article will soon be published in a magazine and he gave the name of Rewa’s father to that journalist.

Update Credit to: Sona

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