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Rewa tells UG to come down, UG says she doesn’t want to talk. Rewa says this doesn’t happen that UG doesn’t talk to her, she asks UG to come down and they will sort things out. UG says she isn’t coming. Rewa says she brought something for her, she takes a bag, keeps it down and tells UG to see it when she has left. UG peeks at it, Rewa tells UG that she is leaving but Umang must see it. Umang confirms that Rewa has left, then comes down. She picks the packet, and opens it up. There was a gold medal in it, Umang says this is Rewa’s first medal, it is so precious to her and she gave it to her. She watches their childhood photo with a note that Rewa will give anything away for her bestie. Umang kisses the photo and the medal. Rewa comes from behind and hugs UG, saying I am sorry. Umang says no,

I am sorry doing wrong. Rewa says no, she didn’t. Rewa tells her to stop saying all these horrible things to each other, they hug each other. Umang says she gave her medal to her, Rewa says she already said anything for her. Bhagat comes there and asks to take some pics of them together. They pose in UG’s room. Bhagat tells Umang to cheer and smile. Rewa asks him to come for selfies together. Rewa and Bhagat leave on bicycles with each other, Umang was going inside when Neel comes and scares her badly. She asks what he was doing, why he didn’t tell he was coming. Neel says she called him here, as she told him that Jai will work till late and her parents are also not home. Umang says she isn’t a cheap girl. Neel says alright if she doesn’t want him to stay, he will leave. Umang stops him, she says that what he was saying… she asks him to understand. She says she is ok with that. Neel asks her to repeat. Umang is irritated. Neel holds her face and asks her to say it once more please. Umang smiles and says she is ok with him. He cheers and picks her in his arms.
Jai looks into the files to find something against Rewa. A file drops on the floor from a hospital. He wonders how he can miss this.
Umang gets bored while watching movie, she asks Neel if they can do something else. Neel says this is such an interesting movie. Umang removes the earphones, she tells Neel that the doctor is actually the murderer. Neel says she spoilt all his suspense. Umang says now, they will do something else. Umang was irritated, she says if he had to watch a film he could do it at home as well, he was being romantic and naughty outside and now… Neel smiles and says alright, he teases Umang but then holds her hand and kiss on the back of it. She smiles. She blushes, he laughs and says she won’t be able to do it. Umang holds him back and asks why he is saying so. She heads to kiss him this time, Neel takes her into his hug.
Rewa and Bhagat drive the cycle. Rewa says to Bhagat that in half of the movie, his eyes were shut. Bhagat says he wasn’t afraid. Rewa laughs that she must get him a bravery award. Jai says that Rewa’s smile would be gone soon. Her career and Olympic dream is finished. She has already came on defaulter’s list, once when she missed her drug test and secondly when because of her inhaler, the test came positive. Once more, and her Olympics dream is finished.
Umang and Neel were together. Umang wonders why Jai is calling her. Jai asks where she is, and who is whistling behind her. Neel teased her. Jai offers to take her for ice cream, but Umang says she doesn’t want any ice cream. Neel tickles her, Jai asks why she is laughing, is she with someone. Umang says she is watching some funny cartoons. Jai tells her not to lie, she is with Rewa. Umang says Rewa isn’t here, she is with her boyfriend watching some horror movie. Jai says alright. Umang hands up and tells Neel to leave, as Jai may come here anytime. Neel keeps his arms around her neck and says he wants a surprise date for her for all this romance.
Kanika asks the butler what he is doing here. He says she asked him to get this bouquet. Kanika writes a note with the bouquet, sticks to it and tells him to post it to the address written on it.
Bhagat and Rewa drink milk shake in single glass. Jai watches them, he makes a call and says he just saw Rewa buying performance enhancing drugs, they must get the PED test tomorrow. Rewa watches Jai in the café as she told Bhagat about her training is at six tomorrow. Bhagat asks Jai what he is doing here. Jai says what his mistake is if Rewa and Bhagat are also here. Bhagat tells Jai that he wants to make it clear that everything between him and Rewa has been ruined, it is better that Jai forgets it as soon as possible. Rewa tells Bhagat to leave, Jai says to Rewa that he was right that day, they both were good together and what she is doing with someone like Bhagat. Rewa drags Bhagat.
Umang asks Neel what that surprise is. Neel tells her to shut her eyes, Neel asks her to see a letter. It was a notification about Neel’s interview and photo shoot with sports buzz. She cheers excited and says it is his first step for stardom. Neel says one of his contacts said that they both can go for photo shoot and interview, so they both will go there together. Neel says all this drama will end, once this interview gets published then he will tell all the truth to her papa, not that Deepam. Then everyone will know that they are together. Neel says he isn’t romantic like Bhagat. Umang says he is better than Bhagat and hugs him.
Jai comes to TK and says his name was saved today, he came to share a drink with TK today. TK says he has a training session tomorrow, he don’t drink before training. Jai says TK still thinks that he assaulted Kanika. TK says there is nothing like that. Jai says he would think this. TK agrees, and goes to get glasses. Jai texts Rewa from TK’s cell phone that tomorrow’s training session is rearranged at 9 o clock. TK says one drink only, Jai says one would be enough.

PRECAP: Jai brings to TK’s office people from association to do PED test of Rewa. Umang tells Bhagat that if Rewa doesn’t reach in time for performance enhancer drug test she will be disqualified. The association members say that if Rewa doesn’t reach within half an hour, they will have to give her last defaulter. Bhagat gets Rewa on bike when TK was coming out with the association members.

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