Swim Team 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rewa cries,Bhagat dances and says all the Best as the Race is about to start..All gather near Pool Jugnu and TK along with their teams and the judge JC..Jai tells that this is medley Race and Swimmer’s will swim in Pair’s and have to change stroke at-least four times,,JC will declare the winner who is good in timings and best among all..Jai says everyone to be ready..
Jugnu tells that who will win the race will get a grant of Rs two Lakh and is safe in zonal selection..JC tells that who will win the race have to do some work,TK tells all the girl’s to be ready,As the Race starts,Deepum and Christe first swim’s while Deepum is ahead of Chriesti,Deepum wins the race..Next Kanika and Laxmi priya swims..Kanika is ahead of Laxmi after the stroke changed to Free style Kanika wins

finally,TK is happy..JC writes the result..NOw From Swim team Pixy and Jugnu’s team Priyanka jumps in the Pool..Priyanka wins the Race,,Jugnu gets happy while TK is Sad..Next Rewa and Umang competes among each other,Rewa thinks about her mother,Umang says Rewa all the best..Jai whistles..Umang and Rewa jumps…In best stroke Umang swims ahead of Rewa,In butterfly stroke Umang is ahead of Rewa,,In backstroke also Umang is ahead of Rewa,,After that in Free style Rewa and Umang compete each other,,TK shouts “Rewa”..The Race is finished..Its a Tie between Rewa and Umang,JC tells they have a winner…Everyone is curious to know,
JC tells Kanika was better in timing but Umang was best in form..But someone is more Good than all..JC announces the winner “REWA MATHUR”..JC gives Rewa Two lakhs and medal..Everyone claps..Umang smiles and claps…Kanika feels jealous..TK gets happy..JC ask Rewa party..Everyone laughs..After sometime Jugnu tells that he had a bad-day,JC comes and tells its very good day…JC gives Rakhi..Jugnu tells no..JC tells its her last day..She ties Rakhi on Jugnu’s hand,Jugnu cries,,,JC calls “BHAIYYA” and asks Permission for Party,Jugnu makes sad face…Bhagat tells Rewa that he is proud of her and with all problems she won the Grant,,Rewa gives envelope of Grant..Bhagat says he didnt expected this..Rewa says she want help to sent the grant to her mother,Bhagat tells He dont have free time..Rewa tells she is Serious as she her Mother struggled a lot,Bhagat says that Rewa is a very nice girl..

Precap::Bhagat dress up different and meets Rewa’s mother

Update Credit to: Ansari

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