Swim Team 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rewa search on internet symptoms of Ashtama,,Jai text Rewa saying sorry that he didnt dropped her,,Rewa tells he have more important things todo..Umang tells that at last minute that TK ditch and took Rewa,,,Jai tells stop it As he is tired of listening TK,,Jugnu and Jugnu TK..Umang gets angry and throws the phone..Jai tells to chill.. Jai tells that Umang left Jugnu and choosed TK,,But JUgnu is ignoring him…Jai tells for only Swimming she would hve gone for TK he would have taken..JAi tells Umang to Forget TK and start from beggining,,,Jai gives a gift to Umang..Jai tells to open it..Umang opens the gift and gets happy…Umang tells Jai is the best brother..JAi tells Umang to prove Jugnu that she is the best swimmer..If she didnt proved then Jugnu will treat like this only…Rewa tells

that on net she cannot find out how to hide Astama symptoms..Rewa tells she cannot lie Coach TK..Rewa calls Coach..TK tells that he fixed an appointment of Rewa with Sana..Rewa tells she will come…Rewa text Jai that she dont have time for fight…Kanika,,Deepum and Priyanka is about to jump in pool…Jugnu comes and stops..Jugnu tells he is the head coach and whatever he tells they should listen..Kanika tells Deepum and Priyanka that they should complain to TK..
Jugnu tells he dont have anytime table..Jugnu tells Rewa that he dont want to listen to Rewa..All Girs go and complain to TK,,TK tells he will talk to jugnu..TK tells Rewa to go to Dr Sana,,,Rewa agrees…TK tells Rewa to stop practising till she didnt show her medical reports she cannot practise..Rewa goes and sits in Clinic…Sana comes and asks If rewa is ready..Anotherside Jugnu swims..Umang comes..Jugnu comes out of Pool and sits,,Umang tells she came to tell sorry,,,,Umang tells that TK trained her from last few years So there is some similiarities between them,,Umang tells that she felt bad because TK choosed Rewa..But TK betrayal pushed her..Umang tells she will be always in Jugnu team and try to give her best,,Jugnu asks Umang why TK dumped her??Umang tells because of Accident..Jugnu tells Umang is lying..Umang tells she dont known,, TK comes…Jugnu tells Brilliant..TK asks why his team is not allowed to practise in pool…Jugnu tells that his new Scehdule secretery is Umang..TK tells Umang to stop playing this childish games.. TK tells Jugnu to become a honest sportsperson and stop playing dirtygames..Sana tells Rewa to take deep breath.,,Sana tells that Rewa has a breathing disorder…Sana asks If Rewa got any Breathing Problem..Rewa is quiet…

Precap::Sana tells Rewa to do some test,,,JUgnu tells Sana to get out

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