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Bhagat comes to pool side to Umang and asks for little help. Umang says lover boy, how can she help him. Bhagat says he has to win Rewa’s trust back but he can’t do it alone, because they aren’t speaking. He knows he has created this problem. He gets to knees, Umang asks what he is doing. He says he loves Rewa a lot, he has to win his love. He has to spend time with her, and she has a solid idea about it. Umang wonders how. He tells her.
Umang runs away, Bhagat stops her. He kneels and says he is in love, he has to spend time with Rewa and will stay like this until she agrees. Umang tells him to stay there. Umang worked out, she tells Bhagat she is really happy for them both, but right now she cant sacrifice such a thing for them and Rewa isn’t interested in any boy. Bhagat stops Umang,

he gives her water bottle and says this will be for Rewa’s happiness. She asks how? Bhagat tells her to imagine them together and having children after five ten years. Umang spits water on his face, she leaves again. Bhagat buys Umang a drink and requests him. Umang says he is really irritating, she can’t be that Neel Chaudhary’s partner. He says no, there is no way. Umang says that Neel is aside, but tolerating that Jugnu is another thing. Bhagat tells her to take this risk for Rewa. He says he accepts he might get kicked but he should have one chance atleast. Umang thinks for a while, she calls Hi, Partner. Neel is shocked. Umang says that now, he is her partner and Rewa is Bhagat’s partner. Bhagat smiles. Neel says they are in different teams, Umang says that now they are partners. Neel doesn’t believe and asks if they are teasing him, but Umang and Bhagat says seriously. Umang finally leaves accompanying Neel, Bhagat cheers.
Jai was ordering a few things for gym. Kanika comes in his office and takes her upper off. He asks what is she doing. She asks how is this top. She asks if she get a tattoo of his name. he is shocked and asks what is the need. She asks what about her back. She says it is needed for their two month’s anniversary. Jai asks what she will do on their one year real anniversary. She says she will worry about it then, and asks to get him the tattoo of her name as well. Jai says he cant get it done, else she will never leave him. He says no, this is a rubbish idea. He says it is allergic and it pains a lot. She says he is so sweet, but she knows it all already, still she will get the tattoo. He says alright, she isn’t a tattoo type girl. She asks what does he mean. He tries to explain, she asks if he means she isn’t hot or s*xy and cant carry it. Jai says he is speaking about pain. She asks if he thinks she can’t handle pain. He finally gets an idea that if she gets the tattoo she won’t be able to swim and Rewa will win. Kanika agrees to get it after zonals. She leaves. Jai thinks he must think about playing till zonals.
Jai says he must find some solution fast.
Umang was waiting Neel, he announces he is here. Umang asks why he is late. He says he has brought something for their new beginning. She opens the bag and finds her torn top, he says it got torn with his wresltling with her brother, he thought about returning it. He gives her his T shirt. She gets angry and asks if they should shoot for swim diaries. He stops her and gives her a third option, they can go shopping together. She says curtly that it is their first day being partners, and he is offering her shopping. She requests him to shoot for swim diaries. He agrees and says he has even planned a surprise for her there.
Rewa awaited Neel, when Bhagat comes there. She asks what he is doing. Bhagat says that now Neel isn’t her partner but he is. Rewa asks how he can be her partner, he is in Jugnu’s team. She says she will just speak to TK. Bhagat says that TK told him about this. He says to Rewa they are wasting time here and there UG and Neel must have started the shoot. Rewa says she must check this, this is so weird. Bhagat says alright, now he gets it, she has a problem with him so he will leave this swim diaries, what about his dreams then as no one cares about his career. He will just go to TK and say that no one wants to be his partner. Rewa says though it is weird that different team members are working together. Bhagat asks sure? Should they start? Rewa nods. Bhagat asks what to do. Rewa says it was Neel’s idea to take a shot, it will be a bit interesting. Rewa says she will ride the cycle, Bhagat says he can even ride it. She tells him to shoot. Bhagat shoots for swim diaries. Jai comes out and watches them together on the cycle. He wonders what they both are doing together, are they shooting for swim diaries. He says Neel is Rewa’s partner, then? He thinks he must find out about it.

PRECAP: Jugnu tells Rewa that she must hear the list of top five Indians who wanted to be champions but couldn’t. He reads the names; Mr. Satiapal Rao, Mr. Dinesh Patnai, Mr. Mahesh Mathur. Rewa is shocked at that. Jugnu says to Rewa that like father like son, losers. Rewa asks how dare he speak about her father. Jugnu says not only but all India will speak about it, as this article will soon be published in a magazine and he gave the name of Rewa’s father to that journalist.

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