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Umang wonders what happened to Neel but Rewa asks her to go and they leave. Neel thinks that he has come here to become an international swimmer, he must focus on his swimming. TK comes and wishes luck to Neel, he gives him harsh looks. TK asks if he is alright, he must do well. He nods at Bhagat and takes his seat. The announcement is made that there is a tie breaker race. Bhagat wishes him luck, Neel says best of luck while lost. Bhagat wonders what happened to him. The race begins with the whistles.
Jai wishes that they both lose.
Neel thinks about Umang’s confession about TK last night. Neel swims vigorously. Jugnu supports Bhagat who wins. Neel was ahead him. TK worried about Neel. Bhagat thinks that Neel came last, what has happened to him?
In the changing room, Bhagat and

Neel’s competitor regrets failing, Bhagat gets him handkerchief that he doesn’t take. Bhagat says it is of no use to call himself bad names, he should learn that losing with dignity matters a lot that he must learn, because he is going to lose any race with Bhagat. Bhagat asks him to get up, doesn’t he want to participate in other races. He turns back and tells him to go to dispensary if he feels much pain.
Kanika awaits someone when a girl arrives. She tells Kanika that her dad won’t be able to come, he is in meeting. Kanika says she is losing and her rating decreasing with each race, and he has no time to pick up his call. The girl asks what her dad will do. Kanika says he is a member of association, he can do something to help her. The girl says it is difficult, this is zonals and not a minor competition in which her daddy can get the results manipulated. The refrees and everyone is outsider, her daddy can’t help her. Kanika says her daddy has always let her win, what is the problem now. The girl says he can’t help her now. Kanika disrespects her asking how dare she, she is just a secretary. The secretary says that her daddy also knows what she is, she must surf more time on practice than on her tantrum and boy friend. She must get home, get married and give birth to children.
Rewa comes to changing room and hugs Bhagat saying she knew he will win the race. She soon realizes he was shirtless and gets away saying she has a 200 m back race, she is much worried for it. Bhagat says she doesn’t know anything about her capabilities, she always get depressed about her race and performs great in the end. He says this time she won’t be able to surprise him. She asks why? He says that he is sure this time only she will win. She asks if he isn’t praying for Umang?, she is also his friend. Bhagat says Neel is there for her, both laugh. Bhagat tells her to go for race now and says best of luck to UG. Rewa says she is really nervous about this race. Bhagat asks what good will tension do, she must focus on her race. He urges her to go, thinking about her hug and smiling. He wonders where Neel Chaudhry is, he seemed to be a bit off but he is a good swimmer, what tension he has got.
Umang comes to Neel, she says she heard about his race. She is so sorry. She keeps a hand on his shoulder and says he is upset because of race but. Neel stands up saying he doesn’t want to speak. She says she knows he is upset but she has a race in fifteen minutes still she came to speak to him. He leaves saying all the best to her. Umang says she is feeling so bad for him, she can imagine what he must be going through.
Deepam was crying, Pixie tells her to stop crying as they have a race. Deepam says neither she could do anything in her personal life and nor is she of any good in her professional life. She is such a meidiocre. Pixie says she can’t console her, as she is a swimmer and her competitor right now. She has to get to pool and tell Jugnu that she isn’t a mediocre swimmer. She asks Deepam is this what she came for here, she must get to pool now. Deepam asks when did she got so hard hearted, isn’t she anything for her.
Bhagat comes to Rewa beside the pool. She asks what he is doing here. He asks if she remembers DDLG. She asks what. He says it means she doesn’t remember. Rewa tells him to go, but he says it doesn’t matter… he gives her a red flower. She asks where she will keep it, she has to go to her mark. Bhagat says she must take it. She holds it, it was a water balloon. He laughs at her, and says this is why he brought it here to divert her attention. He says he is leaving now, before she starts beating him. She smiles.
Deepam wishes Pixie luck, Pixie says she doesn’t need any luck, she just need to focus. TK hopes Rewa wins. Jugnu says Umang will have to win because she would have to bear his curse if she loses. The race starts with the whistle. TK bucks Rewa up, she gave a good competition to Umang. TK and Jugnu stands up at the last moments of race, Rewa wins the race. TK cheers. Rewa hugs Umang. Kanika came last.

PRECAP: Bhagat tells Rewa that no worries in the swimming pool, be it UG as a competitor. She must focus and do her best. Rewa says he knows her really well. They hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

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