Swim Team 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhagat tells Rewa to wear his t-shirt..Bhagat turns..Bhagat gives his t-shirt and gives to Rewa…Rewa wear’s it..Bhagat takes Rewa t-shirt moves into the air and shouts “HELP”…Bhagat is tired..Rewa tells that no one is listening to them..TK and Umang tells that they reach the camp and they are fast..TK tells that he known that Umang is angry with him..Umang tells it was good..Umang tells that he met some-one who is very good understand her and good..Umang thinks about Bhagat and realises..Umang tells that she is thankful to TK…Umang tells that she has realized her value..Umang tells that she is missing something in life..TK tells he has hurt Umang…Umang tells its okay..Umang tells that TK did a favour..TK tells that thats good…TK goes…Umang cries and tells that TK did’nt realized..Deepum reaches the camp…Deepum tells that she miss Pixy..Jugnu reaches and sees TK..TK smiles…Kanika and Jai comes…TK tells that Rewa and Bhagat didnt came till now..Jai tells where is Bhagat and Rewa and what they are doing..Bhagat eats apple..Rewa tells that Jai will find out him..Bhagat tells that its sunrise..Rewa tells she want apple..Bhagat tells he dont want..Bhagat tells that this much hungry Rewa is??Rewa tells yes..Bhagat tells that Rewa have to be alone with him..And she dont have any optioon..Kanika dance while all sit..Jugnu tells to learn from him as he is a good artist..Jugnu tells that his mother said that he is a very good singer…Now he will sing a song..Jugnu sings the song “Phir le aaya dil”…Jugnu sings very bad..TK sees…Umang and everyone closes there ear’s..Deepum takes the video..Jai tells TK that there is no response from Bhagat and Rewa..TK tells that they will wait for half an hour..Jai thinks about Rewa and Bhagat getting cosy…Jai tells that he is thinking wrong..Jai again thinks Bhagat getting close to Rewa..Rewa reads book…Bhagat tells that Rewa is not scared in this jungle..Rewa tells no…Bhagat tells that he will also sit and study..Rewa tells Bhagat not to disturb her..Bhagat tells he also want to read..Rewa tells to read..Bhagat and Rewa listens music…Bhagat sees Rewa..

Precap::Rewa sleeps..Bhagat puts a bedsheet on her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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