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Jai comes to office of Jugnu where Rewa and Kanika were already present. TK asks Rewa about the detail of what happened between Kanika and Jai. Rewa recalls, she says she was far away and couldn’t hear anything. Whatever she saw she felt he was assaulting. Kanika thinks Jai is gone now. TK says to Jai that he wanted to cross proof with Rewa but she is also accusing him. TK asks Kanika if she wants to complain against Jai. Mr. Jamwal enters the room and says he wants to talk to her for a while. Kanika says there is an important matter being discussed, Mr. Jamwal says it seems they need to discuss it here. He says that his daughter won’t file any complaint against anyone, he is a father and knows his daughter well. Kanika asks what the hell. Mr. Jamwal says she is talking to her father like this?

He says to Kanika that Jai is her coach, but besides that he is her friend as well. Kanika asks what he means. He says he is sure her memory isn’t so weak. He takes a few minutes to talk to Kanika.
TK says he thought Mr. Jamwal was threatening Kanika. Rewa says why would a father do this? She says she thinks Kanika is lying about assault issue.
Kanika asks her father if he only cares about her. Mr. Jamwal asks her if she is done. He asks Kanika what Jai did, didn’t he take her to a good dinner? Or there is another girl in his life? He says he doesn’t want her to get into any scandal before Nationals. He doesn’t want her or his family’s name ruined. If she try to be over smart he would take her name from swim team. He wants her to take a smart decision. Kanika says he is disgusting. TK asks Kanika if she is sure she doesn’t want to file any complaint. Kanika says yes. Rewa asks what happened to her. TK asks if there is a pressure upon her, they are with her. Kanika says there is nothing like that, actually she lied. They were all shocked. Kanika explains that she had a fight with Jai, she wanted to take revenge. Jugnu asks if she is out of senses, how she can blame someone. He asks if Rewa was a part of her lie. Kanika says yes. Rewa says there is nothing like this. Jai says he already said he is innocent. TK asks Kanika to stop this all rubbish. Kanika says actually Rewa and Jai were dating each other, then Rewa dumped Jai for Bhagat but Jai is still in love with her. Kanika says hearing this all she was… Jai tells Kanika to stop it. TK tells Kanika that she will get punished for wasting all their time. He says she will serve in the canteen until he says her.
Bhagat comes out of the pool to see Rewa standing there. He says her intentions doesn’t seem to be right. Rewa sits on the pool side and asks if he does face reading as well. Bhagat says only hers. Rewa says she is happy that Jai and Kanika’s drama has ended, even if Kanika told Jugnu and TK about her and Jai they don’t trust Kanika. Kanika has gone mad and does anything. Bhagat tells her to trust him, she won’t be able to do anything. Bhagat drags Rewa into the pool, both fight with water, cheers and hugs each other. Bhagat says she didn’t tell what her intentions were. Rewa smiles, then gets out of the pool saying she will tell if he comes out. He denies coming out. Rewa says if he doesn’t come out, how they will go on their second date. She tells Bhagat they are going to watch a movie. Bhagat says he will clutch her hand if he feels scared. Rewa says she has selected the movie that is so scary that he won’t leave her hand. He says horror movie plan seems to be romantic. Rewa asks him to hurry up, else he will lose a chance of second date. Bhagat asks her to pass his towel, but instead he drags Rewa again in the pool. Jai watched this from terrace. They hug each other into the pool.
Jai plays boxing with dummy vigorously, thinking about Rewa and Bhagat’s hug, Rewa’s statement against him. Jai says he tried his best that she takes his side, but she spoilt his career today. He says he will destroy her everything, be it her Olympic dream or Bhagat. Rewa Mathur, you are finished!
In the canteen, Bhagat offers Rewa a seat and asks what she will take, her usual cold coffee. Rewa asks him to go and get a good cold coffee for his princess. They watches Kanika, Rewa tells him to wait, she will get the coffee. Rewa comes to the counter, Kanika asks what she wants. Rewa says the girl who can’t take a stand for herself can’t give anything to anyone. She says that she came to say that if Kanika had to do all this drama, why she dragged her into it. Rewa says he knows either she is lying or she took her complaint back coming in her dad’s pressure. In anyway, Kanika is a coward. Rewa says she did a lot against her still she helped Kanika, but what she did. Anyways, two cold coffees. Kanika says all was Rewa’s fault, Rewa said that Jai broke up with her but actually Rewa broke up. Rewa says she lied, to strengthen the relationship of them both, but their relation was so shallow that nothing could strengthen it. She asks Bhagat to go somewhere else.
Jai was in his office, he says he will destroy Rewa but how?
Kanika was irritated in the café. She says her life has become a joke, Rewa snatched everything from her. She says she won’t leave Rewa Mathur.
Rewa says to Bhagat that today she will drive the bike. Bhagat asks her to wear the helmet well first. He says if he has such a good driver, she must enjoy the ride. Rewa tells him to take the car, they have to go somewhere else as well. Rewa tells Bhagat to agree, else she knows other ways as well. Rewa tickles him, he gives up and agrees to take her anywhere.
At night, UG was in the terrace upset, sitting on her rooftop tank. Rewa comes there and asks Umang to come down, she wants to talk to her. Umang says she doesn’t want to talk, Rewa must leave.

PRECAP: Jai works in his office till late with some files. He says Rewa Mathur, your Olympic dream is over now. He watches Rewa and Bhagat together, makes a call and says he has seen Rewa Mathur buying Performance Inhancer drugs, they must do the test tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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