Swim Team 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Rewa sleeps while Bhagat puts Bed sheet,Next morning Bhagat search Rewa,,Rewa practise hardly and falls..She calls Bhagat and tells to bring..Jai comes and holds Rewa,,Jai asks where is inhaler??Bhagat comes and gives inhaler,Rewa inhales,Jai tells Rewa to listen his advice..
Bhagat scolds Jai and asks what he did??Jai says that they had a small argument..Bhagat says that Rewa is his best friend and he will do anything to protect her,Bhagat and Jai looks at each other..Rewa calls Jai and Bhagat..Rewa tells Bhagat that she is feeling better now..Bhagat goes..Jai apologises to Rewa,,Rewa says that she is tired of everything,Jai tells this is last time,Rewa tells okay..Jai says no extra practise,Jai and Rewa hugs each other..Umang gets ready..Jugnu comes and says to be confident and asks How TK was convince for the Ghazal night,Umang tells enough as she wanted to concentrate on Race,Umang goes..Jugnu tells that he will find out that TK’s weakness..Deepum prays to God and says that once she win the race will Serve food to Poor people,Kanika comes and says that If she won then will buy her favourite food..Rewa sees family photo and tells that wanted to win Race for her mother..Kanika asks what Rewa wanted to do with the Price money??Rewa says that her focus is on Race..Rewa thanks Bhagat for bringing the Inhaler,Bhagat tells he has not come to listen thankyou or Sorry..Bhagat does a Pom-Pom dance to cheer Rewa before Race,,Rewa laughs..Bhagat tells he came to wish Her before Race…

Precap::Jai announces that race will be performed in Pair’s

Update Credit to: Ansari

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