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Rewa asks Bhagat and Neel why they are upset. They tell them that they has a tie for second position. Rewa and Umang laugh that firstly they couldn’t tolerate each other and now they are such good friends that they even get the same position. The girls tell them that competition has just started, they will get other changes. Rewa tells Bhagat to improve his mood and go get food for himself. Rewa asks why Neel isn’t going, Umang asks him to get food for himself. He smiles that Umang is not only possessive but also protective about him.
Kanika comes to Jai, he got busy with mobile. She complains that he can’t control her even. Jai says he can’t wag behind her all the time. Kanika says she lost the race. Jai says it is good Rewa beated her. Kanika still complains. Jai tells her to shut up,

he isn’t used to a girlfriend like her, he will get some time to get used to it. Kanika says she isn’t used to a useless boyfriend like him. Jai says sometimes he thinks he was good with Rewa. Kanika thinks she will not Rewa win.
Rewa and Umang stands arm in arm. Rewa says they have told them to relax, but it is a big problem. Umang says a tie in friendship is really a big problem. Rewa thinks she doesn’t know whom she should pray for. Umang thinks that Bhagat is her friend, but she wants Neel to win. Rewa thinks she wants Bhagat to win for sure.
Jugnu was worried in his office that Aaliya isn’t picking up his phone. Umang comes to office. Jugnu calls her sarcastically. He scolds her to get defeated from Pixie. He asks how she get defeated from a worthless swimmer like Pixie. Umang says Pixie’s timings have really improved. Pixie was hearing this and asks what he said. Jugnu says he just said what she heard. He says she won only because of poor performance of Umang Tandon. He says to Umang that she could get defeated from Rajeshwari but her defeat from Pixie is unacceptable. Pixie says she knows she won because of her hardwork. He must never underestimate one’s rivals. She leaves thinking she will teach him a lesson. Jugnu shouts at Umang that she said this all because of her. Umang says that coach TK said there are some good days and then there are some bad days as well, she will cover up in her next matches. Jugnu says she must have forgotten about everything TK said when she left his team. Jugnu says that TK doesn’t care about anything, he only thinks about his principles and ethics. Jugnu says may be she lost the match only because she loved TK and may be she gave a chance to his team to win. He tells Umang he can’t tolerate a loser in his team at all.
Umang was crying, Neel stood behind. He appreciate his poetry and says to Umang that she had held his hand in the same park. He comes to sit besides her and asks what happened to her. Umang says nothing. Neel asks who said something to her. Umang hugs him and cries hard. She says she lost a game with Pixie. Neel says she will get win tomorrow. Umang says Jugnu talked to her so rudely, he crossed the limits and said really bad about TK and her. Neel is enraged, then asks Umang what about her and TK. Umang asks if he can keep a secret. Neel promises. Umang says there was a time she loved TK and was crazy about him. Neel gets serious at once, he leaves Umang. He asks if something happened between her and TK. Umang says no, I mean yes… she kissed him. Umang cried saying she regrets this the most, she did this to her coach. Neel stands up at once. Umang asks what happened. Neel tells Umang to go from here. He says tomorrow is a big day, they need rest so she must go. Umang says he is right, tomorrow is a big day. She keeps a hand on his shoulder and says thanks for understanding and everything. She leaves.

The next day, Neel worked out vigorously. Rewa and Umang come there. Umang says hi to Neel but he doesn’t reply. Rewa asks them to come with them, Neel says he doesn’t want to go anywhere. They drag Neel along. On the screen, Jugnu’s video with his name, waiting for Aaliya was being played. Rewa asks who he is waiting for. TK comes there, he watches the video and asks who played this laughing. Umang also laughs. Neel was enraged watching them both. Jugnu comes there and is shocked at the video play. Pixie whispers to Deepam that now Jugnu will know what they can do. Jugnu shouts at them all to get out. Umang says good morning to Umang and goes out laughing. Neel was left there in the hall still angry at Tk.
The girls wish best of luck to Bhagat and Neel. Their rival said to Bhagat he didn’t know some people need preparations to get defeated. Bhagat says he will be shocked at his defeat. Umang says all the best to Neel, but he doesn’t respond. Umang wonders what happened to him. Rewa tells Neel that he must be tensed. Bhagat turns to smile at Rewa.

PRECAP: Rewa comes to hug Bhagat from behind saying she knew it he will win. He smiles. She realizes at once that he was shirtless, she goes saying it is her event, 200 m back race. Kanika, Deepam and everyone is there. Bhagat comes closer to her, they share an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Sona

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