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Rewa says to Kanika that she heard her but how she can help her in this. Kanika says when she got to know that Jai is cheating on her, she stopped getting physical so he assaulted her. She says that only Rewa can understand her problem, she has to stand by her and she knows that Jai can do this. Rewa says Kanika is asking her to witness something that she didn’t see. She just saw Jai and Kanika arguing. Kanika says whatever she saw showed that there was a problem between them both, at least she can tell that to TK and Jugnu. She says Rewa is her only hope. The bell rings on the door. Rewa tells Kanika to stop crying. She opens the door and is shocked to see Umang and Jai. Umang says they need to talk, she watches Kanika, comes inside and asks Kanika if she has reached here already to emotionally blackmail

Rewa with her crocodile tears and fake stories. Kanika says she wish Umang could think being a girl and not a sister. Jai tells Kanika not to do her drama here, this isn’t TK or Jugnu’s office. Kanika cries that he is still being so aggressive. Rewa stops Jai from heading on her. Kanika smiles. Umang asks Rewa to listen to Jai once. Jai says he has to talk to her for a minute, but not here. Kanika says she has already told Rewa everything. Rewa asks Jai to say anything right here, in front of them. Jai says alright, he clarifies that he didn’t do any s*xual assault over Kanika, the truth is that she is jealous of Rewa and knows he still has feelings for Rewa. He tells Rewa he doesn’t know when he got into this cunning Kanika’s trap. He didn’t want to break up with Rewa and didn’t want to affect their relationship. He didn’t want to lose her ever, he wish she had given him another chance. Umang asks Jai what he is saying, Rewa has a boyfriend. Rewa’s phone rings, it was TK’s call. Kanika thinks that it has reached TK finally. TK tells Rewa that they want to meet her at Jugnu’s office, he is sure Rewa knows. Rewa says yes she does. Umang asks Jai what he is saying. Kanika says to Jai that she has told Rewa about all the truth. Jai says if Kanika dare, she must tell them what the truth is, as she has been lying. They argue. Rewa shouts at them to stop it, she tells them both to leave her house and goes inside. Kanika tells Jai not to act smart, he is finished. Umang says to Kanika that they will see who is finished. She asks Jai if he came to say this all over here.
Rewa was upset in her room wondering why she got caught between Jai and Kanika. She says she has no idea what she will say in front of TK and Jugnu. She texts Bhagat asking where he is, she needs him. Umang comes to her room and asks if she can come inside. Rewa doesn’t reply, Umang sits beside her and says she is sorry as she had no idea Jai will say this here. Rewa says she has problem with Jai, how she brought him here. Umang says she didn’t want to bring him here, he was in problem and she had to help him. Rewa was irritated, she asks Umang that didn’t she remember Rewa is his ex-girlfriend. Umang says she understand that she is upset because of what Jai said, she is going to take his class for that but there is a bigger problem to solve. Kanika has charged him of molestation and they both know Jai can’t do this. Rewa says is she serious, her ex-boyfriend comes to her home and in front of his girlfriend say that he still has feelings for her, and Umang is saying she will take his class. Is it so casual for her? She says if she has to help Jai she can, but Rewa isn’t going to be. Umang reminds her that he is also her brother, she didn’t speak to him for so long just because of her. Rewa says yes, she had asked Jai to patch up with UG. Umang is shocked, she asks if he didn’t come to her by himself. Rewa says let her remind her that Jai is a liar, he manipulates things for his benefits. She says that she won’t be surprised if he is lying now. Bhagat comes there and asks why they are fighting. Both girls stop talking. Bhagat asks what happened, notices them both and tells Rewa to relax and tell him what the problem is. Rewa says according to UG, her brother underwent sudden overnight changes. She brought her brother, who was her ex-boyfriend to her home and asks her to support him. Umang tells Rewa not to be so sarcastic. They begin arguing again. Bhagat tells them to stop talking now. Umang says she is leaving.
Umang comes to her room upset, she calls Neel. Neel whispers that he can’t talk to her now. Umang says there has been a huge problem, but why can’t he talk to her. Neel tells her that Deepam is here at his room in drunk condition, he can’t let her leave. Umang says where Deepam goes and where not, is none of his business. Neel says he can’t do this to any girl, and Umang likes Deepam. Umang says she always hate Deepam, it was only because of him. She asks Neel why he can’t see Deepam has a crush on him, she wants to snatch him from her. Neel asks Umang why she is so against Deepam, she was being fake at liking Deepam for so long. Deepam cheers listening to Neel. Umang asks what is wrong with him, why can’t he see anything. Deepam asks Neel why there is so much noise in the room. Neel says there is so much noise in the room, he will talk to her later. Umang asks if he will not talk to her for Deepam only. Deepam asks Neel water, Neel hangs up. Umang is even more upset.
Bhagat tells Rewa to relax, Umang will get alright by tomorrow. Rewa says she is UG, she doesn’t forget so easily. She says she is her best friend, then what this all happened. Bhagat makes her sit and says he thought he is her best friend now. Rewa says she feels so bad about it. Bhagat hugs her, tells her to relax. She hugs him back. Rewa gets away first, and says she must go to her room now. Bhagat says he thinks this will be better. Both get to their room sides, turn to look at each other saying together what they had decided. Bhagat says he remembers their decision, no distraction. Rewa gives him a flying kiss, Bhagat does the same.
Deepam kisses Neel on his cheek. He gets angry and asks if she has gone crazy. Deepam says she is really drunk, she doesn’t know what she is doing. Neel asks her to get up, he will take her to her home. Deepam again gets dramatic that she isnt fine. Neel wonders if Umang is right for her.
Umang was in terrace tapping the ball vigorously. Jai comes there and stops her asking her to let him explain himself. Umang tells him to leave her, did he want to ruin her day as she fought with her best friend for him. Jai asks her to let him explain. Umang throws the ball saying he must leave. Mom comes upstairs and asks what happened. Mom asks Jai why he didn’t have dinner, she asks Umang why she is behaving this way. Umang asks her to question Jai about it. Jai says she can ask UG directly. UG tells mom that it is nothing to worry about. Jai is relieved. The bell rings, mom wonders who came this late. Umang goes to check. Umang asks Neel why he came here, Neel hugs Umang and says sorry to her. He says to Umang that Deepam did a big drama in front of him, she kissed him forcefully. He says she tried, but he stopped her before anything happened. He says Umang was right, Deepam is a liar and he would never talk to her again. He asks if she trusts him? He asks Umang if he can sleep on her sofa tonight. Umang smiles. Neel hugs her.

PRECAP: Bhagat was in pool, Rewa stood pool side. Bhagat says her intentions don’t seem to be right. Rewa asks if he can do face reading as well. Bhagat says only hers, and drags her into water. They fight, enjoy and hug in water. Jai watches this all and is enraged.

Update Credit to: Sona

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