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Rewa’s mother takes Bhagat inside and tells Rewa to keep his luggage in Papa’s study. Rewa smiles as he is done with setting his stuff. Rewa hangs the childhood painting of his sister on a wall, Bhagat helps her. Rewa says everything is fine now. They smile at each other, Rewa reminds her of a last bag but Bhagat says he will keep it himself. She asks what such in it, she says nothing special. Rewa snatches the bag from him but her mom comes there and asks why she is fighting with him. Bhagat asks if Rewa is such an angry fighter girl since childhood. Her maa says she is like that. Rewa complains, her mother hands the tea and leaves. Rewa argues Bhagat why he teamed up with her maa so soon. Bhagat takes the photo of Rewa from his bag, he thinks he used to watch her photo daily before sleeping but

now he doesn’t need to, now she is there in front of her.
Umang says to Neel that she has to meet his dad now too. Neel was reluctant. Umang asks if there is a problem about her meeting his dad. Neel stammers, there is no problem but he thinks about delaying it till Nationals. Umang holds his collar asking if he is in any doubts about their relation, she deters to kill him if he lies or cheats her. Neel holds her face and tells her to kill him. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him saying not until everyone knows about their relation. She heads to leave, Neel stops her but she leaves. Neel is worried where he got caught, how he would let her meet his father.
Bhagat sits in the window thinking if Rewa would have fallen asleep. Rewa thinks Bhagat must be tired. Bhagat thinks he was tired, but Rewa solved all his problem. He thinks he must help her in Ritika’s problem. Rewa thinks she didn’t ask Bhagat if he ate something, she wonders if he ate something in afternoon as well. Bhagat thinks about speaking to Rewa, while Rewa thinks about disturbing Bhagat finally. Bhagat comes downstairs and whispers Rewa’s name outside his door, she opens the door all at once. He asks if she didn’t sleep, she says he also didn’t. She ask if he ate something. He says it is alright. She asks why he was eating biscuits so hungrily. He nods. Rewa thinks about making something for him without any formalities now. Rewa does the blending, Bhagat hushes her up and asks if he should help her? She says not at all, he is her guest. Rewa gets Jai’s text, Can we talk tomorrow. She ignores. He texts again that he has something to tell her. Bhagat asks who is texting her this late at night, if all ok. Rewa wipes sweat, then says these are some useless texts of useless people. The milkshake was ready, Bhagat helps her pour it out. Rewa sprinkles some sugar on Bhagat’s face, they play together. He notives her nearer, they share an eyelock after which Rewa asks him to have his drink and goes behind. Bhagat holds her hand, comes to her front as she turns to look at him again. He remembers the night he planned proposing her. He puts on some chocolate on her cheek mischievously, then cleans it. Both have their drinks. They laugh at each other’s milk moustache. They come out of the kitchen. Bhagat smiles at Rewa and says bye to her before going upstairs. Rewa peeks at him and smiles.
The next morning, Bhagat was cooking breakfast as he read the recipe from his mobile. Rewa’s mom comes in the kitchen and asks him to let her help. He says she does it daily, she must take some rest. Rewa’s mom says the boys who stay alone at home knows how to cook. Bhagat says everyone must know how to cook. Her mom says the girl in his life must be really lucky. Bhagat stops at once. Rewa comes into the kitchen and hugs her mom saying it seems she has adopted Bhagat. Rewa asks her maa why she allowed Bhagat inside the kitchen. Her mother scolds Rewa that Bhagat insisted on cooking himself, if she does so? Bhagat says she is really lazy. Rewa tells Bhagat to concentrate on his cooking and not to team up with her mom. He says Rewa was also being frank to his mom, then tells them to stay quiet. Both mother and daughter hushes each other up. Rewa and Bhagat share smiles.

PRECAP: In the kitchen, Bhagat asks Rewa to stop talking and look into his eyes. He gets intimate with her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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