Swim Team 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Jai tells Rewa is looking for a Slave,Rewa says that he has gone mad,Jai tells its looking like he is staying at Rewa”s house…Rewa gets angry packs her bag wears a coat and goes..Rewa comes at a tea stall and sits,Rewa cries..Bhagat calls,Rewa cuts the phone..Bhagat calls Again,Rewa picks up and says that she isa disturbed..Bhagat asks if Rewa is nervous,Rewa tells she dont want to talk to anyone..Bhagat asks If Rewa is okay,Rewa says that she is Resting..Bhagat comes at tea stall and asks is this her bed..Rewa says she came to drink tea.Bhagat asks if she had fight with Jai,Rewa says its nothing like that..Bhagat tells that till that time She can come academy…Rewa smiles and agrees tells that she will inform Jai,Bhagat and Rewa goes…At academy Bhagat makes coffee,He tells with coffee will make noodles also,Rewa tells she did dinner..Bhagat tells he will make some extra noodles ….Rewa tells If she will.cook if she felt hungry…Bhagat tells Rewa to try,,Rewa cook noodles and eats..Bhagat tells himself that he knew Rewa would be hungry…Bhagat eats…Both Rewa and Bhagat eat and enjoy.

Precap::Bhagat entertains Rewa

Update Credit to: Ansari

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