Swim Team 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Jai beats Bhagat…Jai start bleeding,,Both of them fights beats each other..Jai beats Bhagat and tells why he cares!!Rewa comes and stops both of them..Everyone comes..Jai tells that Bhagat is drunk,Umang is shocked..Rewa scolds Bhagat..He tells to listen but she ignores and goes..Jai tells Bhagat that Rewa is his girlfriend and always listen to him..
Kanika ask Bhagat..Bhagat tells to get lost..Later Jai comes home and is shocked to see Kanika in his room,Kanika puts ointment to Jai,Bhagat calls Rewa but she cuts..Umang tells to receive the call,Rewa tells she will talk tomorrow..Umang tells that antiseptic is over and she will bring it..Rewa tells she will check Jai..Rewa slowly open Jai’s room and shocked to see Kanika and Jai kissing..She cries..Song plays in background “JAG SOONA SOONA LAAGAY”…Rewa thinks all the moments spent with Jai..She is shattered..Next morning Jai kiss Rewa and tells her hair’s are best..Rewa slaps Jai and goes..Jai tells that Bhagat is a lier..Rewa comes in room and cries..Umang asks what happened??Rewa tells that Jai and Kanika are dating..Umang hugs Rewa while she cries..

Precap::Bhagat tells Rewa that she should not have taken Jai side

Update Credit to: Ansari

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