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Jai forwards his hand for Umang and says she will cross the Zonals and reach Nationals. He leaves. Umang hugs her mother.
Kanika was in washroom worried why Jai isn’t picking her call, she is so nervous. She gets her daddy’s call, gets irritated and says she is busy right now.
Neel wishes Umang as she arrives at the academy. He asks Umang to wish him in her special hug style, no one’s around. She hugs and wishes him saying he is super cheesy.
The swimmers arrive for the competition. It is announced that in the coming three days, each race will have five swimmers and the individual swimmer record will identify the winners who will participate in National swimming competition. The heads meet each other in the hall.
Bhagat tells Neel he is going for race, Neel says he is

also going to be the nest, he must be ready to get defeated. Bhagat struggles with wearing his card, Rewa corrects it for him and hugs him wishing luck. Umang watches Neel, then passes a victorious smile to Bhagat. She tells him about his competitor that her left arm is a bit weak and he can get advantage over her. He thanks her and says he studied about her competitor that he is very slow for first 25 seconds that she can use for her advantage. Umang hugs Neel, Bhagat and Rewa pass smiles. Neel and Bhagat leave.
Umang and Rewa goes the other side. Rewa says it is good Neel has become a part of their group, Umang is also very comfortable with him. Umang asks when is she comfortable with her. Rewa gets really worried that she has a butterfly competition with Rajeshvari. Umang tells Rewa that she has become a very good real life swimmer so she shouldn’t take any tension at all.
The announcement for butterfly event is done, Rewa arrives at the pool. Rajeshvari, Kanika and two other swimmers are called. Rajeshvari is the champion of butterfly event. She says that she has to compete with the lowest factor, how boring is that. Kanika says to Rewa that her luck is really bad that she has to compete with her and Rajeshvari, she might get the lowest ranks. TK bucks Rewa up saying he is sure she will do it. Rewa thinks about her mother’s words. The swimmers are ready to dive, on the count. The race begins. Rajeshvari was ahead everyone. Umang cheers for Rewa. Rewa had to catch up, while Kanika was left behind everyone. Rajeshvari wins the race. Jugnu cheer.
Kanika went five position behind her ranks, Pixie lead 6 positions. Rajeshvari beats Umang at first position. Rewa has reached 17th rank from 25th and has improved at bit. TK tells Rewa that she is not out of danger, but she has to work harder.
Rajeshvari comes to step up Rewa’s upper. Rewa and Umang tell her to get away. Rajeshvari says to Umang that had she been in Korea, Umang could never make her world record. She says to Rewa that it is humiliating for her to compete with Rewa. Rewa says if it is not, she will make it the next time. Rajeshvari leaves, Umang says she came on rank 2 because of her. She says this competition is so unpredictable. Rewa says the only good thing is that Pixie’s rating improved, she is worried about her challenge that she gave to Rajeshvari. Umang tells her that these are just half day’s results so she shouldn’t worry at all. They have a lot of races to compete.
A competitor was saying to Bhagat that they are good hosts, first they let them win and then they are serving them food. He says that they are the best and will defeat them in their home ground. Bhagat says he believes in showing rather than saying. Neel drags Bhagat away from him. Rewa and Umang come to them. Rewa asks why are they so upset. Neel says whatever happened was really bad. The girls are worried.

PRECAP: Bhagat was in changing room, shirtless. Rewa hugs him from behind congratulating him for winning the race. She realizes at once what she was doing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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