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Bhagat packs his stuff, Neel hands his last bag in his hand too. He leaves heavy heartedly. Neel laughs behind him.
Rewa asks UG to say yes and keep Bhagat at her home. Umang takes the knife from her hand and asks if she would have thought if there wasn’t a fight between Jai and Bhagat. Rewa says she didn’t hear this. Umang says she is really tensed, he must be sleeping somewhere on the road. He must take a bath with a pipeline in the park. Rewa cuts her finger with the knife while chopping salad. Umang creates a melodrama of it, Rewa calls her insane but Umang says they must not ignore little problems and calls Rewa’s mom that her finger has been cut. Her mother puts a bandage on Rewa’s hand, Umang thinks she must do something to start about Bhagat. She tells Rewa that some days ago

Bhagat also cut his finger. Rewa’s mother says she had been chopping with such a sharp knife. Umang says may be Rewa’s mind is distracted taking a friend’s problem. Her maa asks which friend? Umang says Bhagat. Her mother asks what problem Bhagat got into, he just won Zonals. Umang says today was a bad day, his aunty sent him out of the house. Rewa’s mother is worried and asks where he would live now. Umang says those who don’t have houses would live on road. She was just telling Rewa that he would sleep on the road, will bath in a park and what about toilet. Rewa’s mother asks Rewa if she knew about it, she must have called him here to live. Rewa asks how he will live here. Her mother tells her to call him and ask him to come here with his clothes. Rewa asks Umang what was the need to do this all, she must have found some accommodation. Umang asks what the problem with her is. Rewa says it is about Ritika who would be more stressed and she thinks… Umang asks what she thinks. Rewa thinks about that night and doesn’t speak anything.
Rewa and Bhagat stood out of the house, Umang thinks they will just keep on doing this only, standing silent. She must go, she tells them she got mom’s text and gets in the car to leave. Bhagat turns to Rewa, both had no words to say.
Umang hides behind the door in the dark as Neel opens it from outside. She shouts surprise! He drops the box of sweets in hand and shouts Thief! She shuts his mouth saying his aunt would wake up otherwise. Neel switches the lights on, and asks you? Umang says surprise! She gives him a high five saying their plan went well. Neel says his sweets were wasted. Umang says firstly she fixed Rewa and Bhagat’s scene, and secondly a girl decorates his room at night and he is concerned about his Laddu. Neel says he didn’t see it, he is really sorry. He asks what the plan is. She says nothing, it is just a little celebration for their success of Rewa and Bhagat plan. Neel holds Umang’s shoulder, he tries to get intimate with her. She says there is no such scene, there is no space at his home to sit so she is sitting on the bed. She goes to pour champaign and gets Pani Puri’s bowl. He cheers. She fills Pani puri with champain, saying there is something called presentation. The both cheers their champaign glasses and eat Pani puri.
Rewa asks Bhagat how much time is left as he walked outside. He says just five minutes. She wonders why she feels strange him being staying here.
Umang and Bhagat feel drunk. Umang says she wants to tell everyone she is dating him. He shuts her mouth saying his aunt would hear about her.
Bhagat thinks that he can’t come into her house when there is tension going on. Rewa says this is too long, he hopes someone would call him from hostel, he must come inside. Bhagat says this would feel so awkward. Rewa’s mother comes out and asks Bhagat why he is still standing outside. Bhagat says there would be problem. But Rewa’s mother says there would be a problem if he doesn’t come inside.

PRECAP: Rewa and Bhagat prepare coffee in the kitchen, where Rewa plays with Bhagat sprinkling icing in his eyes. They cheer their coffee glasses.

Update Credit to: Sona

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