Swim Team 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Swim Team 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Umang whisper’s spmething to TK,He gets scared..Umang tells she is waiting in Parking..Jai comes and bumps into Bhagat…Jai tells Bhagat that he is calling Rewa but she is not picking up..Rewa comes and tells she is waiting in the Car and calling Since Ages..Rewa drinks something..Jai drinks it and tells this consist of calories,Jai tells Bhagat always roam like ANGRY YOUNG MAN..Rewa tells yes…Jai kiss Rewa,Bhagat tells he would never kiss his girlfriend in public.Rewa sees Bhagat..Jai and Rewa goes..Umang waits..TK comes..Umang tells she is very Glad..Jugnu comes and asks TK where he is going??TK tells its none of his business,Jugnu tells he came to talk to Umang..Umang says some-other time..Jugnu tells no,TK tells that Jugnu and Umang is a Big fan of Jagjit Singh,,TK suggest Jugnu and Umang to go in Ghazal night..Umang says no..TK goes…Rewa asks Jai what they will cook in dinner??Jai is busy in chatting with Kanika..Rewa snatches the phone and tells today she will with whom Jai used to chat daily..Jai tells stop it..As tomorrow there are hundred of things to do He was Preparing for JC’s Race..Rewa tells she is feeling Hungry and they will cook something..Jai thinks bout Kanika..Jai asks Is he is Rewa’s personal cook or she is two year old girl??Rewa asks why he is behaving like this??Jai says that girls like Rewa make boyfriend for their personal work,They search Slave not boyfriend…Rewa gets angry…

Precap::Rewa packs her Bag and goes..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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