Swim Team 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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TK tells sorry to Umang..Jugnu tells Umang that she shown loyalty to him,,Jugnu tells that her carrer depends on him..Jugnu tells Tk’s Coach “Swim team”..and From “JUgnu Team” only one will go to olympics,,Jugnu tells that all will be trained with the same timing,,After one year there will be selection for olympics.. TK tells its time for action this time seriousness,,TK tells that for one year they should be no timing except training,,no boyfrinds and all..Jugnu tells that compedition will be tough and rivarly,,,backstabbing but winning is important…TK tells that he and her girls are going…
Deepum,,Pixy ,,Kanika are sitting…Rewa comes and tells because of them all is possible..Kanika tells that they didnt did anything..Pixy tells that they are

all team now.Kanika,,Rewa,,Deepum and Pixy takes Selfies..Umang comes but her team members tells to sit anotherside..Pixy tells Umang is sitting alone..TK tells Rewa he didnt took Umang,,Infact Umang today came today to came to him,,TK tells that he need player thats why he took Rewa..TK tells that pixy,,Deepuma nd Kanika are swimming they were five years old..Rewa tells she will do training and will reach their leval..Rewa tells she will prove them,,Rewa goes…Umang swims..Jugnu read joke and laughs..Umang comes out of Pool…
Umang tells she need Jugnu attention.Jugnu tells he forgot to start timing..Umang tells Because of that registration he iss doing like this…Jugnu tells he and TK are different..Jugnu tells he will not forget How Umang did his public insult,,Jugnu tells he will show her as time goes..Umang tells that he cannot behave with her like this..Umang tells she will leave,,Jugnu tells Umang dont have choice she have to work with him only…Jugnu goes..Rewa talks with jai..Rewa tells that Coach said they didnt have enough potential..Jai tells that its nothing like that..Jai tells he have a call on another line..Umang tells why Jai is taking soo long???Jai tells he have some important call..Jai tells Umang whats her problem??Umang tells its a long story.Umang tells Jai to come home early..Jai agrees…Jai tells he have a call on another line..Rewa tells Jai she is feeling alone..Jai tells not to worry..Rewa tells today they will meet..JAi tells okey..Umang tells Jai they will talk at home..Jai tells where they are trapped….Umang comes and gets shocked to see Jai,,Umang tells it was bad day of her as Jugnu treated very badly..Umang tells did Jai came fo Rewa??Jai tells honestly speaking yes..Umang goes..Jai stops Umang and tells he was Joking..Umang sits..JAi and Umang goes,,,
Rewa sits…Tk tells that he was checking team records and as per academy rules there should be medical reports of all team member’s but Rewa reports are missing…Rewa asks what??TK tells he want a no objection certificte from her mother..TK asks is Rewa’s medical condition that he must know??Rewa thinks about her asthama and tells no..TK tells tommorrow only he will do checkupof Rewa..Rewa gets worried..TK tells not to worry as it is a routine chekup

Precap:Sana tells that Rewa has little high breathing,,Rewa tells everything is good..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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