Sweetly Yours ~ Swasan Fanfiction (Chapter 2)


Kavita is Sanskar’s girlfriend who has always been my biggest competitor when it comes to well… everything. She and I would always join contests for Math. Even though we were on the same team, she would always find a way for me to seem like the dumb one there.
Oh, how much I loathe her!

But Sanskar, being my best friend and her boyfriend, would always try to get us along. I try for Sanskar, and sense that Kavita does the same. But HATING HER SO MUCH, its just hard and I’m sure she feels the same way.

She’s the CAVITY AUNTY of my life!

“Sure, why not!” I said rather happily but inside it was the exact opposite.


Before walking to the gates of school, where me and Sanskar said we would meet, I grabbed my work from my locker that wasn’t due the next day. So when me and Kavita would make awkward conversations, I would have an excuse to leave early.

I walked up to them and waved.

“Hi Sanskar, Hi Kavita.”

“Hey Swara.” She said with a bitter tone.

I looked at her with a disgusted look in my eyes and she did the same.

“Wooooooohhhhkay, lets go then.” Sanskar said.

This boy owes me big time. I thought to myself, still hating the fact that mine and Sanskar’s ‘celebration party’ will be with her. Yuck!


We went to this place called Milkshake City. It’s the hangout place of teens who want expensive beverages for lunch. Me and Sanskar rarely go here because –

1) We’re broke
2) Its kind of far
3) And yeah we’re broke. 😊

So I sat there trying to make conversations, seriously this is so AWKWARD.

“So Swara. You gonna join the competition this weekend?” Kavita said.

“Umm No. I just don’t have the ti-”

But she cut me off. “Well that’s too bad. Oh well, we would win without you anyway.”

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I said starting to get annoyed.

“It means that we didn’t need your stupid, dumb brain in our team anyway!”

“Then why did you even ask in the first place!” Anger filled my voice. Everyone started staring, so I tried to calm myself.

“For you to go away!” She shouted

That was the last straw. I was not going to put up with it any longer. So I got my stuff and stood up, tears falling from my eyes.

“Swara, wait!” Sanskar said.

“This is why I told you that she shouldn’t come here babe!” Kavita said.

“Excuse me! This was suppose to be for me and Sanskar only! Because ‘I’ helped him with something ‘you’ didn’t want to do!” I said and I stormed out of the place.

I can’t believe I was crying over a petty thing. But she called me dumb and stupid. No one has the right to call me that and just step all over me.

UGH! I don’t even know what Sanskar sees in that leech! Sanskar deserves someone better.

Someone who’s nice, smart and thoughtful.

Someone like ME.

WHAT! NO! What am I thinking! He’s my best friend! Nothing more.

So I stopped crying. Seriously why should I cry about her! I walked home and got into the shower. Somehow, taking a bath always cleared my head.


So how was this chapter? Swara is in LOVE. But what about Sanskar?

Spoiler Alert : Kavita and Sanskar break up.

Please comment about this chapter and the spoiler alert too! You want me to drag Kavita and Sanskar’s relationship or want them to break up? Please let me know. Love you all sabse zyada. Thanks for reading and liking this sweet story! 😘 😍 😊 😘 😍 😊

Credit to: Milli The Virus


  1. Sree

    Nice one.. Dont even ask dear.. Need break up or may be like sanskar realising his feelings for swara when she maintain a distance from him for kavsan relation and like some one better than sanskar getting close to her vagera vageraaaa.. Choice is all yours.. Yeah im loving ur ff..

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