Sweetly Yours ~ Swasan Fanfiction (Chapter 1)


It’s my first attempt in writing a fan fiction. So please bear the mistakes, grammar, clichéd story, clichéd scenes, and me!

Sanskar and Swara are best friends. Swara used to live in Darjeeling but got shifted to Calcutta when she was 10. Now they’re friends? Will they turn something more? Like Sweetly Yours?



“Can we stop now?” Sanskar said with puppy dog eyes.

“No. I will do whatever it takes for you to ace that test!” I said to him reassuringly.

“But Swara!”

“No buts, Mr. Maheshwari.”


It always made me laugh how my best friend, Sanskar, reacted to home works. I always thought it was a preparation for harder things that will eventually help you in the future. So I always loved doing them.

Well that’s one. But also me and my parents moved from Darjeeling when I was 10 because they wanted me to have a “better education”. My school back home taught me the same things they taught me here in Kolkata. But you know parents, always knows what’s best, they say. Anyway ever since I moved, Sanskar’s been my BFF. But he doesn’t want me to call us that, cause he thought it sounded girlie. I always said it like that to annoy him. We both annoy each other, but hey that’s what friends are for.


“So… how did it go?” I said at the sight of Sanskar, who had just finished his test that I worked so hard to study him on.

“Well… it didn’t go so well.”

“Oh.” I said with a sad expression on my face. “There’s always a next time right?”

“Yeah. It didn’t go well… but it went GREAT! I got an A…..wait for it…..+!”


There we were jumping like maniacs along the halls.

“And I have you to thank for it, Ms. Smarty Pants.” He said

“Well… I always knew I was the best.” I said as I placed my hand on my chest as if I just won a beauty pageant.

“So after school, let’s celebrate!” Sanskar said with an excited expression.


“Mind if I bring Kavita with us?”

OOOOOOOH Who’s Kavita? And why does Sanskar want her to tag along?
FIND OUT! Keep reading! And please comment. LOL! ?
Its a small attempt from a 14 year old on writing. So … Please comment and encourage me to continue? I would love that!
And I love Sanskar <3
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Credit to: Milli

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  1. Dharani

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  5. Nice..interesting..continue soon

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  6. Anisha

    Milli!!!… Dear a real wala good start??
    The best thing that attracted me was your title so sweet!!!… ??

    Milli!!… I think you too are sweet?? Isn’t it??

    Moreover, I will love to be your friend ??

    Thank you for presenting such a wonderful ff???

    1. Milli Virus ?

      Thanks a lot! It means a lot to me Anisha di. Im glad to make friends with you.

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      Love you di! ?

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