sweetest luv story ( epi :1)


hi guys….ds s my 1st fan fic….hop u guys lyk it….nd pls bear wit me..if drs ny mistake

scene : 1
shows a girl thinking deeply about something….nd at d same tym…..looking into the newspaper ……her brown short locks are flying n her face and falls on her face…she moves backwards nd corrects he hair…her pink nd cute smile s shown..
..nd her beautiful nd inocent face s shown….its our NISHA…

her mom shouts ” NISHA BETA..khaana khaanekrliye aao( come to have ur food)”

she inturn shouts “MAA ABHI NAHI…BAADH ME KHAA LOONGI”(not nw..ill have later)

her annoyed mom LAXMI cms to d room..snatchs d nwspaper frm hr ….nd says” har din is newspaper ke saamne…newspaper padna achhi baath hothi hai…par isne vakth kon padtha hai??(the whole day u r sittng infront of s nwspaper…i agree dat its gud to read news but fr this much tym??)


” WOH SAB BAADME …PEHLE KHAANA KHAO” (u can do dat latr…frst hav ur fud..)

nisha hesitantly geta up nd goes to hav hr fud….as soon as she goes dwn…she cud hear a loud noise as if smbdy s screamng

SCENE shifts to an office where a man well dressd in purple ssuit nd havng his sunglaases on gets out of his red lamborgini…nd marches past his emplpyees….all of dem wish him a good morning…nd he inturn givs a simple smile…but d smile ws so attractive dat d gals wer forced to say “” how hot!!” …..

he goes into his cabin with his secretary neha…nd asks her to giv his files…he chcks all of thm…nd finds an application which impresses him….he asks neha to giv a call to d girl nd call hr 4 interview

precap: on her way nisha collides with a guy nd d juice frm hr hand spills on hr dress

sorry guys if its not upto xpctation or if u find ny mistakes pls do tell….ill try to improvise as much as possible

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  1. Ha ha nishu ka story i loved it

  2. Hey ash jus happening beginning yaar!
    Guess ur also a fan of NAUC !!Which obvio had to end !!

    Hey jus nyc but dinn get d precap well yaar !! Can u pls xplain ???

  3. Is dat guy viraj or kabir?

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