The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode6)

(The music stops but they continue to dance . They are eyes still locked into each other . The lights come on . They break from the eye lock . Sayyam removes his hand from Krishna’s waist.)
(They look at everyone and manage to smile . Yuvaan looks mad. Krishna and Sayyam are about to seperate from each other but Krishna’s dupatta gets stuck to his watch . Sayyam tries to take it off. Krishna tries to take it of but her hands accidentally hold Sayyams.)
Sayyam:I’ll try to take it of
Krishna :ok…
Sayyam:(finally manages to take it of)there u go
Krishna :(smiles)
Yuvaan: I can’t take this anymore
(Sayyam helps Krishna come of the stage . )

 In KRIYAMS room

Sayyam sits down and thinks :why am I not happy that Krishna is getting married ?
(Suhani comes in )
Sayyam: Maa… I mean Suhani Birla what brings u here ?
(Suhani smiles and sits down next to Sayyam)
Suhani:beta. R u sure that ur happy about Krishna getting married to Yuvaan ?
Krishna:(gets up on the MANDAP and sits with Yuvaan. Her eyes search for Sayyam. He wasn’t there . Suhani wasn’t seen either)
Krishna thinks 😮 god plz do something .
(Yuvaani ties the bond between Yuvaan and Krishna. They follow some rituals )
Pandit:Now the groom must put the garland around the brides neck .
Yuvaan:(smiles )yes pandit (Yuvaani hands him the garland )
Yuvaani thinks :Where the heck did Sayyam disappear? O god plz send Sayyam and stop this marriage from happening .
Yuvaan:(is about to put the garland around Krishna )
(But someone stops him . He turns around to see Sayyam)
Sayyam:This marriage won’t take place
Yuvaani thinks : thanks god.
Krishna thinks and smiles : I knew Sayyam that u would come back for me .
Yuvaan:what kinda behavior is this ?
Bhavna:Sayyam what do u think ur doing ?
Sayyam:I’m doing what I think is right

Cvs plays of him talking to Suhani.
Sayyam:yes of course I’m happy with them being married
Suhani:But ur eyes don’t say that they say something else
Sayyam:what r u trying to say ?
Suhani:I’m trying to say that u r starting to have feelings for Krishna
Sayyam:what r u saying ?
Suhani:it’s the truth Sayyam. I’ve seen that love for her in ur eyes . U care for her . U just don’t realize ur love .
Sayyam shouts :u r wrong !!
Suhani shouts back : u can’t run away from the truth !
Sayyam:( recalls all his memories with Krishna . He gets out of the room )
Suhani: where r u going ?
Sayyam:(stops on his tracks ) I have to stop a marriage
Suhani:(smiles and says in a low whisper ) good luck beta.
CVS stops playing
Yuvaan:Krishna wants to marry me ? She doesn’t like u. She hates u. HATE .
Sayyam:Who r u to decide that ? Now the decision is up to Krishna
The screen freezes on Krishna and Sayyam

Precap :Sayyam stands on his knees . Will u marry me Krishna ?


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