The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 8)

(Channa Merya plays loudly )
Krishna :um…Sayyam(she bagan to feel awkward )
Sayyam:(puts his finger on Krishna’s lips and shakes his head .he whispers .) Let me have what I want
Krishna :(blushes )
Sayyam:(puts his hand around her waist )I love u
Krishna :I love u too
(They hug each other tightly . She feels his hand on her bare back . She breaks from the hug and unbuttons his shirt . He stops her and kisses her hands . He picks her up )

Krishna :Sayyam what r u doing
Sayyam:I’m doing what is right
Krishna :this is not right
Sayyam:why ?
Krishna :(playfully hits him on the head) because I’m pregnant
Krishna :just think what if something happens to our child
Sayyam:chill Krishna nothing is gonna happen . And besides I can’t stop my self now
Krishna :(eyes get wide and smiles)I could tell that
Sayyam:(lays her down on the bed )
(Music gets louder )
Sayyam:(takes of his shirt ,his eyes lock with Krishnas . Krishna looks away shyly . But he makes her look . He kisses legs all the way to her face . Pulls a blanket over them )
(Music stops )

(Everyone sits in the dining room for breakfast. Krishna and Sayyam keep on yawning . They look tired )
Bhavna:(smiles ) what happened u guys seem extra tired today . Kuch kuch hota hai
(Everyone laughs. Sayyam and Krishna laugh )
Bhavna :Sayyam…  u can’t stop looking at ur wife today
Sayyam:no. Nothing happened of that sort
Yuvani:what sort ?
Krishna :(eyes get wide )Sayyam….

Precap:Krishna screams sayyam comes to see what happened

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  1. So good. ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. It was too short plz make it longer. As your episodes are amazing I want to read more and more.

  3. Fanficwriter518

    That was nice but short x eagerly waiting for the next update

  4. Aarti32

    I think it’s time for delivering the baby..Yayyyy!!

  5. Syedul

    Yeah I had something come up that’s y I made it short

  6. Superb ??.
    Waiting for next episode.

  7. ?????

  8. Upload the next episode quick.. Can’t wait to read the next episode you’re so talented xxxxxxx

  9. Syedul

    Thanks for the support everyone

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