The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 7)

Yuvaan:Sayyam if u don’t stop ur craziness then I’ll be forced to call the police on u
Yuvaani:shut up Yuvaan. Y the heck u want to call police for no reason
Sayyam:(ignores everything and on his knees asks Krishna ) will u marry me Krishna ?
(Everyone gets shocked. Screen freezes on Krishna with the sound of storm in the back round . Then Sharad, Bhavna , Dadi, Rags , . Suhani and Yuvaani smile)
Sayyam:(holds Krishnas hand )I love u
Krishna :(looks more shocked . Loud drum plays in the back round )
Suhani thinks 😮 god plz make Krishna say yes .
Krishna :(slaps Sayyam. Suhani puts her hand on her mouth looking shocked . Everyone looks confused . )wow Sayyam wow ! Why ? Why did u do this ? (She holds his collar and cries) why ? U marry me without my constant and then u leave me without asking me .

Krishna :shut up Sayyam . Just shut up . Today I’m gonna speak and u r gonna listen. u married me right ? Y? So u could take revenge from ur mom . Then u leave me . Did u ever ask me if I wanted to be separate from u ? No. U just decided that I’m gonna marry Yuvaan. U could have at least asked me if I WANTED to marry Yuvaan.
Yuvaan:What do u mean Krishna ? U choose that guy over me ?
Krishna :Don’t speak like that about my husband
(Everyone looks )
Krishna :y don’t u understand Sayyam that our relation is different from the way it was before . My feelings for u changed . I’ve started to fall for u . I love u Sayyam . I love u!
(Dadi sits down looking shocked . Everyone looks shocked )
Krishna :(hugs Sayyam) Yes I’ll marry
Sayyam:(smiles )
Dadi:what the heck is going on here? Krishna forget Sayyam and marry Yuvaan. He will keep u happier .
Suhani: no dadi. Krishna is gonna marry the one she loves . And she loves Sayyam
Yuvaan:Mom how can u do that to me ?

Suhani:I’m doing what’s right beta. And the truth is Krishna and sayyam love each other
Suhani:Pandi ji a marriage is gonna take place today . But not Yuvaan and Krishna . This is gonna be Krishna and Sayyams wedding .
(They take wedding vows . Sayyam puts mangalsutra around Krishna remembering their previous wedding . Then he puts sindoor on Krishnas forhead. They seek blessings and go to their room to see it was decorated )
Sayyam thinks :who got this decorated ?
Krishna thinks :I didn’t know Sayyam is so romantic (smiles)
Krishna :I…..
Krishna :…
(They both felt awkward . That’s when Sayyam grabs Krishnas face holds it tight and kisses her lips tight . Their tounge touching each others .)
Krishna :Sayyam what r u doing ?
Sayyam:(looks away looking embarassed)I’m sorry I had to do that .
Krishna :just wait . (Krishna goes and closes the door and the windows )
Sayyam:(looks with eyes wide realizes what’s about to happen )

Krishna :(goes to the bathroom and changes into another dress . She comes out )
Sayyam:(looks at her shocked . )
(Krishna was wearing a really short dress that barely covered her . It’s was a see through dress with no sleeves . Her fair legs show . Her arms show. The dress had a low neckline that revealed most of her chest.)
Sayyam thinks :what has gotten into Krishna (looks away)
Sayyam:Krishna go change back to ur normal clothing . Besides ur gonna b a mother .
Krishna :(gets close to Sayyam) so what ..
Sayyam:so this is not happening
Krishna :what’s not happening
Sayyam:whatever ur imagining is not happening
Krishna :(holds sayyam by the neck )yes it is
Krishna :look at me

Krishna :Sayyam just look
Krishna :Come on baby
Sayyam:(turns around and swallows )if anything happens this time then it’s not gonna be my fault . Because I definitely can’t resist my hot wife .
Krishna: really ?
Krishna :what u gonna do huh?
Sayyam:u want to see ?
Krishna :(nods )
Sayyam:then I’ll show u what I can do (he puts his fingers on her chest tracing it making her moan .)
Krishna :Sayyam ………….
Krishna :(she felt his hand on her bare skin)
Sayyam:(removes her hair and kisses her tight on the lips for 1 min straight )
Krishna :(unbuttons Sayyams shirt )

precap:(channa merya plays as Sayyam and Krishna continue )

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  1. Wow what a episode.
    Waiting for the next episode.
    By the way I’M new here .And I have read all your ff Syedul.I liked it.
    Waiting for the next episode ?

  2. Huli, story accha hai, but it is very ultimate, and i like daluyan because he is very consider towards his wife and baby

  3. Fanficwriter518

    Been waiting for the next episode! Really good x keep updating

  4. Nice ❤☺

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  6. Please upload the next episode.. I get so happy when you post the next episode cannot wait to read what’s going to happen next

  7. Syedul

    Thx for ur support and kindness everyone

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