The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 4)

Sayyam speaks on the phne :Come now .
(He hangs up when Krishna comes .)
Krishna:who were u talking to over the phne .
Sayyam:and how does it concern u ?
Krishna:y r u speaking to me that way ?
Sayyam:do u expect me to be nice to u 24/7 just bc u r pregnant with my child ?
Krishna :(gets offended and starts crying )
Sayyam thinks :I’m sorry Krishna . But I’m making it easier for u to get over me . Just deal with this a little and I’ll get u what u deserve .
(Suhani comes and sees Krishnas state . )

Suhani: Sayyam y is Krishna  crying ?
Sayyam:I don’t know ask her . That’s what she does all the time anyways. (He goes back to using his phne)
Suhani:what happened beta?
Krishna :quickly wipes her tears of(nun aunty )
Suhani: I know u r lying
Krishna :Aunty u trust me right ?
Suhani:yes beta but it’s not good for u to be sad when u r pregnant
Krishna :u just need to trust me .
Suhani:as u wish (she leaves )
(Baby gets caught helping Sambhav in everything.Which causes a huge rift in the relations )

Everyone gathers in the living room
Sayyam: I’ve called everyone here for a reason . Baby as all of u know was kicked out of the house for her doing .
(Everyone looks )
Sayyam: Therefor Yuvan realized that he has made a mistake by choosing Baby over Krishna . Am I right Yuvan?
Yuvan: yes sayyam u r right . That was probably the biggest mistake of my life. And I would like to repent for my mistake .
Krishna:I don’t understand what’s going on
Sayyam:(takes Krishna’s hand and puts it in Yuvans hand)
Everyone gets shocked .
Sayyam: u r free from our relation Krishna .
(Yuvan smiles. Krishna take her hand out of Yuvans.)
Krishna :(tears come out of her eyes ) No. No. No way .
(She holds Sayyams collar )
Krishna :how can u say that Sayyam ? I’m  … I’m gonna give birth to ur child . ye bacha hamari es rishtake nishani.
Sayyam:o plz Krishna . We never shared such relation
Krishna :(gets shocked )
Suhani:Sayyam what r u doing ? How can u do that ? She is gonna give birth to UR child . A lot of things happened between u n Krishna
Sayyam:And it was all an accident
Dadi:Yes I think Sayyam is right . Yuvaan is gonna have trouble finding another girl since he is already married , and besides Sayyam doesn’t care about Krishna .
Krishna :(doesn’t say anything )
Bhavna:so it’s settled . Krishna and Yuvaan r gonna get married tmw.
Suhani:But wat will happen to the child ?
Yuvaan:I’ll happily accept the child mom  as long as I have Krishna .
Sharad: yes, bhabi(he pats Yuvaans shoulder )Noone can be a better life partner for Krishna than Sayyam.
Krishna :(leaves without saying anytning )
Suhani: worries .

(Jag suna suna lage plays )
“Main toh jiya na mara Hai ve das main ki kara Dil jude bina hi tut gaye hath mile bina hi chhut gaye”
(Krishna recalls memories with her and sayyam.
The time when they first met. And recalls all the special memories )

” Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne Baar baar rod akhiyan tainu jo na vekh sakiyan Khole aaye aaj kudrat ne Kataan main ki ve din teri soth tere bin Main toh jiya na mara Chan Se jo tute koi sapna JAg suna suna lage Jag suna suna lage. ”

(Sayyam recalls all their special memories . )

” Koi rahe na jab apna JAg suna suna lage Jag suna suna lage Jag suna suna Hai to yeh kyun hota hai Jab yeh dil rota hai Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein Jag suna lage”

(Krishna recalls getting intimate with him )
Sayyam drinks more .
Yuvaani:sayyam y did u do that
Sayyam:because Yuvaan is where her happiness lies that’s why .
” Chan Se jo tute koi sapna JAg suna suna lage Jag suna suna lage Koi rahe na jab apna JAg suna suna lage”
Krishna :Why am I crying ? I love Yuvaan. But y am I crying that Sayyam and I r getting separated .
(Music gets louder )
Yuvani:(hiccups) sayyam stop drinking . U drank too much . And u only drink that much when u r in pain . Sayyam do u luv Krishna
sayyam:(so drunk he’s not able to speak )her happiness is my happiness (he faints )
” Jag suna suna lage reeeeeeeee Suna Lage Reee Roothi rothi sari raatein Fikhe fikhe sare din Virani si Virani hai Tanhai si tanhai hai Aur ek hum hai pyaar ke bin Har Palchin Chan Se jo tute ”

Precap:Krishna gets ready for the wedding sadly . She’s unable to close her blouse Chain. Sayyam closes it for her .

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